Nike is ready to enters in virtual world, metaverse
Virtual Nike is coming.

Last week Facebook announced Meta, betting big on people bringing to the virtual world. In this potential vision, one of the largest sportswear companies have planning to make digital equipment and diving into the metaverse.

In a report of Bloomberg, Nike Inc. is seeking to file to trademark its brands for virtual goods in the U.S., which includes shoes, clothing products. It is seen that their move and interest towards metaverse or virtual reality future.

Nike Stock
Image: MarketWatch

This giant sportswear firm also filed seven requests to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in late October just to protect its signature Swoosh logo and its “Just Do it” slogan. It includes “downloadable virtual goods” like computer programs featuring footwear, clothing products, headwear, eyewear, bags for use in online virtual worlds.


It should be clear that this trademark filing is just for selling their products in the metaverse and other digital environments officially. It will not change anything like rebranding and name change of Facebook to Meta.

Key Background

A week ago Facebook was going through some very major events from leaking some internal papers and documents to rebranding itself to Meta. Facebook, Now Meta even said that these papers or documents are just showing a false image of the company. The company’s former employee, Frances Haugen alleged that company spreading misinformation and allowed to do that. They ignored their research that shows this app is harmful to teenagers’ mental health.

On metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg’s said ” It is a way to connect people in the virtual world and interact with each other. This will create hundreds of billions of dollars for digital commerce”.