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Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Adds Fart Pillows As Part Of An April Fool Update

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Adds Fart Pillows As Part Of An April Fool Update


Nintendo is celebrating a number of holidays and after much speculation, they have revealed what to expect. From March 28 to April 4 you can find the Nook Cranny in the Animal Crossing. 3 game. It was announced that Nintendo will celebrate April Fools Day with a new game for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

The update will also include new seasonal items, including prom themes such as prom outfits and special decorations. Like last year, the Nook Shop will sell plants, along with other holiday and forwarding items, and also offer a special promotion for Animal Crossing: New Super Mario Bros. 3. Prom-themed items, whether with outfits or special decoration, as well as the addition of a whisky pillow.

Preparing for prom season with something more elegant, with themed fashion items at the Nook Shop and a special promotion for Animal Crossing: New Super Mario Bros. 3. Prepare for prom season with a little more elegance, whether with prom outfits or special decorations and with a pillow that is combined with a Whoopie motif – themed fashion items and special decoration. Preparing for prom season for something more elegant with themed fashion items such as prom dresses, special decoration, and decoration or with a whisky pillow.

Animal CRossing


With Amiibo cards you can exchange bells for Sanrio – also themed furniture and fashion, which you can buy at the shelter:

New Horizons’ custom design upgrade will include two items that can be purchased with hook points. For more information on the new features and additions listed above that will appear in the March update for Animal Crossing, read on and read our full post to this update from Nintendo Land for a full list of all changes that affect Animal Crossing. Stay tuned for more details about New Horizon, including our extensive Guides section here, and stay tuned to Tier Crossing: World for the latest news and updates from Animal Crossings World as well as all updates to the game itself.

New Horizons is set to be released on March 18, bringing new furniture and animal features to the island’s players. The full list of future content is below, but this update adds the previously announced Sanrio Villager Furniture, as well as six new villagers inspired by Sanrio’s characters, and they are part of the March update for Animal Crossing, which includes the addition of a Whoopie pillow, the introduction of new characters and a new animal feature, as well as a number of other changes.

New Horizons’ Bunny Day celebrations will begin again on March 28, 2021, and Bunny Day itself will begin on April 4. Eggs will be on the island from 28 February 2017, eggs on all islands from 27 March to 29 March, and from 1 April to 2 April. Hidden Easter eggs of all kinds will also appear in all excavated locations on New Horizons, beginning with the Easter egg hunt on January 31, 2019. The new Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, 3 April 2018, will be launched, as will the new bunnies and Easter eggs in early April. Eggs will start to appear on the island again on March 28, 2020, and May 4.

The new update also adds some more seasonal elements to the game, including a new Easter egg hunt on March 29, 2019, and Easter eggs on May 4, 2021. The April update starts a little earlier, where the 1st Anniversary Cake article was added to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Animal Crossing: New York City.

In the coming weeks, you can buy fancy duds for prom, and you can also order prom-themed items. The dreaded Bunny Day event is also returning for the first time in the history of Animal Crossing: New York City, but this time as a special event.


The Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards will arrive at A Target on March 26, 2021, and those who already own them can use them with the in-game update. If you already have the cards from previous versions, you can experience all the new Sanrio content in the game until March 18th, but if you have forgotten your hands on any new Sanrios or villagers, you may be able to pick them up before they appear in a re-print scheduled for March 26th. Players who take up this for the first time will have to wait a little longer to experience this new content.




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