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No PS5 is now the recent trending on Twitter.

It’s that season again! Foggy mornings, fairy Christmas lights, and of course the gifts. But what is the most demanded gift runs out from stores? It becomes a bummer, right? Well, the same happened when it came to PS5. The scarcity of consoles made it to the trending on Twitter. Gamers from all around the world and other consumers are upset about not getting a next-gen PlayStation 5 console wrapped in a gift sheet. However, instead of crying in a corner, they decided to tweet it and become a memer.
Here’s how it looks-

A No PS5 was a bummer this Christmas

It was a written list for Santa to get gamers the PS5 console. Waking up to no PlayStation under the tree was unexpectedly sad. The population of despair hit people is so high that almost 15,000 individuals tweeting so far about how they didn’t get a PlayStation 5 console this Christmas.

It is being believed that there were bots who first jumped to claim the PlayStation 5 as soon as it rolled out, thereby leaving real people with no Playstation under their Christmas tree. Then, hawkers have been purchasing the same number of PlayStation 5s as they can, with the express reason for exchanging them at an unbelievable exorbitant cost. Paving the way to Christmas, it wasn’t unprecedented to see numerous PS5s recorded available to be purchased on online commercial centers for well over $1,000.

Next Christmas, it should be significantly simpler for users to get a PlayStation 5 in the event that they need one. 2021 should see PS5s become all the more promptly accessible, particularly as the underlying publicity subsides and hawkers direct their concentration toward different things. Supply should get up to speed to request, so, all in all it shouldn’t be hard to just stroll into a store and leave with a PlayStation 5. It very well might be many months before that occurs, however getting a PS5 should simply get simpler over the long haul.



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