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Non-EV drivers ICE-ing by block charging stalls in CA

According to a Tesla owner’s post on Twitter, non-EV drivers have been ICE-ing the charging stalls by blocking them. There is a photo of how seven charging points were blocked consecutively. Such incidents happen from time to time in the US, however, seven cars blocking means the following EVs that could have been charged are all left to go to other plug-in points.

Multiple Tesla Superchargers blocked in one fell swoop by creative pickup truck

Image credits- Teslarati

Mainstream electric vehicles have been there at places for some years now. There have been many incidents where ICE engineer vehicle owners intentionally or unintentionally block EV charging stations. It is known as ICE-ing as this happens more often than this time than the above-mentioned Tesla owner noticed. Additionally, as Tesla is the most recognizable EV, Superchargers are often left blocked not enabling people to use the stall.

Interestingly the ICE-ing was happening as they were towing a classic Mustang car in the trailer. As can be seen in the picture, the vehicle owners parked their vehicles as they went to nearby Mcdonald’s. As the vehicle owners were three large men, the person who posted the incident didn’t dare ask them to move. It is possible that the vehicle owners just thought the space was empty and they can just for a bit. However, it is crucial that people consider EV charging points similar to handicapped spaces. Charging stations currently in the country are limited and the country has a long way to have them installed in many locations. However, EV sales have been increasing on a daily basis as EV awareness has increased a lot in recent times. Eventually, ICE-ing has to reduce so that existing EV owners can make the most benefit of the services.

ICE-ing equivalent to blocking gas pumps

Another crucial thing the ICE-ing owners don’t realize is that blocking the plug-in points is equivalent to blocking gas pumps. It could either be that an EV owner has a long drive or forgot to charge their vehicle, the non-availability of a charging station would reduce the interest of people. Under Joe Biden’s administration, the EV push in the US is focused on increasing the purchases of EVs. Regardless of the ongoing argument on the EV tax credit, the aim is to reduce carbon emissions in the coming years. It wouldn’t be possible with people intentionally or unintentionally blocking charging stations. Hence it is crucial that some action is taken so people are conscious about blocking the area.



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