NC proposes one of US' most anti-EV bills yet--No free EV charging unless free gasoline or diesel is offered too

North Carolina to remove free EV charging unless there is free gas pump nearby
The state will be spending $50K to have them gone

North Carolina is going to pass a bill where $50,000 will be set aside to remove the EV charging stations that provide services for free. It is based on the point that, there are no gas stations giving out free diesel or gas. Then what is the point of having a free EV charging service?

NC proposes one of US' most anti-EV bills yet--No free EV charging unless  free gasoline or diesel is offered too
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According to Car and Driver author, Ezra Dyer stated that the state will be going ahead with the plans. Incoming House representative Ben Moss said that there are three free public level 2 EV chargers in his town. Unless the towns or cities plan to build free gas or diesel pumps next to such chargers, they should be gone.

The bill states “We’ve simply got to do something about these free public chargers, even if it costs us $50,000! Those things cost tens of cents per hour when they’re being used.” It gets worse. House Bill 1049 will also target businesses that have free public EV chargers on their property. This will hurt small businesses. The bill will allow the owners of diesel and gas vehicles to pitch fits if any amount of money from whatever product they purchase goes towards the cost of providing free EV charging to customers.

Amplifying the myth

Though it appears that the money for EV owners could have saved is being lost. It is kind of amplifying the idea in people’s heads that EV owners always get charging for free. This is not the case, but compared to the high rates of gas or other fuels, it could seem like that.

Blaming one for one suffering and one could not be an ideal solution. It is a well-known fact that various locations in the country do not have an EV charging facility. There are times when gas-powered car owners come around and block the passage for EV owners. Providing free EV charging for the supplier comes at a cost and it is being removed by the state by spending a certain amount of money on it. It appears that a lot of drama is being created around all the EV owners and gas owners. Many countries all over the world are working on accommodating EV owners, so other combustion engine vehicle owners shift to EVs as well. The main idea to reduce carbon emissions through the shift seems to be forgotten by North Carolina’s officials. There are places like free food, extra offers, discounts, and giveaways. We don’t see the government getting involved and pointing out that things should not be given out for free.