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Now, swap NFTs for meals and deals in restaurants
OneRare, a new gaming platform, allows users to collect NFTs digitally and exchange them for meals and restaurant deals in the real world.

NFT swap with Meals & Deals

Credits: https://www.eater.com/

NFTs may be gathered online and then traded for real-world meals and restaurant discounts through OneRare, a new gaming platform. The two men who started this business, Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta, say that their shared passion for eating was the impetus for the conception of this idea. They refer to it as the very first blockchain-based metaverse for non-fungible currencies, which can be used in games and food. It’s an NFT Economy game, according to Raju, which focuses on trade and collaboration between players who play to earn and those who collect NFTs. It’s an immersive and gamified tokenization layer for food on the blockchain,” the author adds.

Together with the firm, renowned chefs, restaurants, and food producers are all working together to mint NFTs for some of their most famous meals. Some of the people in this group that are skilled in the kitchen include Reynold Poernomo, Arnold Poernomo, Saransh Goila, and Jaimie Van Heije. The company is now educating those working in the food and beverage business about blockchain technology. Raju believes that OneRare aspires to be a leader in the next wave of blockchain adoption by providing clients with a joyful and engaging experience. He illustrates this point by referring to the ever-present problem of food.

Users need to sign up for an account before they may access the Farm, Farmers Market, and Kitchen sectors of OneRare’s beta testnet. Users have the opportunity to participate in farm pools, cook meals in the kitchen, and engage in commercial operations in the market. Any anybody who is interested in having a look around may do so without cost on the OneRare Foodverse platform.

They now have several partners in India, including Zorawar Kalra and Massive Restaurants (Farzi Cafe), and Urban Platter is the company that provides them with their ingredients. Raju said that when the time draws nearer for the grand launch of the Metaverse, further names will be revealed by the Metaverse team.

For instance, one of the things that she says is that “for people to prepare a cuisine, they must visit our kitchen and follow a recipe.” If you want to make french fries, for instance, you will need non-fat dry potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt to complete the task. You will win the French Fries NFT if you have acquired all three components and can manufacture french fries by the logic of the game. You are free to utilize this Dish NFT to battle while participating in any of the activities offered at our playground if you so want. In the not too distant future, you will be able to swap your Dish NFTs for meals and other bargains at real-world restaurants using the NFTs you have earned via Dish.



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