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Oculus Quest Pro video leaked online prior to launch – Here is how it looks
Prior to its release, a footage of the Oculus Quest Pro was leaked online

Oculus Quest Pro video leaked online prior to launch

Oculus Quest Pro video leaked online prior to launch
Image Credits: Upload VR

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the Oculus Quest Pro, which Facebook promises will launch before the Oculus Quest 3. We may have just experienced a significant breach as a result of a lot of videos shared on Twitter.

The videos were uploaded by user @Basti564, who shared a series of what look to be marketing advertisements for a new Oculus headgear, complete with download links. They purport to show off the headset’s appearance and maybe validate some of its reported functions.

The headset’s design differs somewhat from that of the Oculus Quest 2. There’s a more goggle-inspired appearance, as well as a crest that looks similar to the one on the PSVR. In addition, the videos only show a single strap, omitting the one that traditionally goes over a user’s head.

The first (above) displays a user altering the appearance of their avatar, which isn’t particularly spectacular. The important thing to note, though, is that she’s scrolling through everything without using a joystick, and the headgear appears to be reacting to her facial expressions. In other words, it appears to indicate that the Oculus Quest Pro will have a slew of external sensors to keep track of everything you do.

There are also two videos of the headgear being used in a more professional setting, in terms of user cooperation (something Facebook has been promoting for years), as well as some new smaller controllers that look to be in some kind of dock or wireless charging station.

So, while the Quest Pro appears to include body tracking functions, individuals who require them should still be able to use a controller. Presumably, it’s for tasks that require a bit more accuracy than the controller’s built-in sensors can provide.

The fourth video showcases what has become a VR classic, Beat Saber, proving that the Pro in Oculus Quest Pro does not always imply professionalism. There’s still time to enjoy a good time with your buddies.

Of course, because this is an unconfirmed leak, there’s no way of knowing how reliable these videos are. And, until Facebook clarifies what to anticipate from the Oculus Quest Pro, we should be cautious of what we’ve seen so far. However, with a Facebook Connect taking place later this week on October 28, we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

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