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As we all know about the widely popular OLA cab services and their efficient operations, it is unfortunate that London’s Public Transport Authority has recently withdrawn OLA’s operating license, the reason being public safety concerns. The authority had to say that the cabs were not ‘fit’ for the passenger’s safety.


OLA is a Bengaluru-based company that had recently entered the London taxi market, this year in February. The company has many competitors in the business such as Uber, Bolt and Freenow. The traditional-black cab drivers had blocked the roads in protest as this development was a threat to their daily earning and livelihood.

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The London Transport Regulator- TFL (Transport for London) recently said in a statement that OLA’s new London private hire vehicle (PHV) operator’s license has been withdrawn as OLA risks public health safety and is not fit and proper to hold the license as they had witnessed several failures that could have resulted in any unfortunate public mishappening.


Recently, Uber was also stripped of its London operating license by the Transport for London authorities. A similar issue of public health safety concerns was subjected in this case as well. However, later Uber got their operating license restored when the judge rules that despite Uber’s historical failings, the company was fit and proper for operations in London.


London transport authority also mentioned that it had discovered a number of major failures in Ola’s daily operations which included licensing breach. This breach caused unlicensed drivers to take approximately 1000 passenger trips on OLA’s behalf which is a primary concern of public safety.


OLA was accused by the transport regulator that they failed to notify them of the breaches when they identified it. Being a responsible company and for the sake of keeping the public safe on the streets of London, this issue should have been raised and resolved, keeping the Transport for London authorities in loop.


Furthermore, in reference to such accusations, OLA can continue to operate until the final outcome of this process. TFL has also given 21 days to OLA to file a counter-appeal against their decision to withdraw London’s operating license from OLA.

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According to resources, OLA has issued a statement saying that it is reassuring TFL on the company’s public safety concerns. The issue is being addressed openly and transparently.


OLA confirmed that it will take the opportunity to appeal against TFL’s decision and continue to operate in London as usual.



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