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One of the widest used successors of the Original-most popular Windows XP is the new Windows 10. Needless to say, that the Windows XP is obsolete in today’s time and age but the popularity has continued to the latest Windows 10 Operating System.


Microsoft has been successful in developing the most versatile and adaptive Operating Systems in the world and the latest iteration is called the ‘Windows 10X’. According to Microsoft, this update will reach the classic single-screen laptop users at the beginning of next year in 2021.

credits: https://rb.gy/psnoxj

The Windows 10X which is also called the Modular Windows 10 was initially announced in 2019 and reportedly, the Surface Neo would be the first device to run this new Operating System.


Although, Microsoft has now removed the listing of the MS Surface Neo to clarify that it is not to be expected this year. In order to meet the demands of Windows users, Microsoft is busy developing the Windows 10X.


Analysts argue that Microsoft might not provide the developers with a Beta version this year within its Insider’s program and it raises fresh questions and issues in the functionality of the software.


So, what do we know about the Windows 10X?




The Windows 10X Operating System is based on the Windows Core OS and it is called ‘Windows Lite’ by some analysts. The software modularizes the Windows Shell and provides the users with a fresh UI experience from their Microsoft OS running devices.

credits: https://rb.gy/vadrrv

The Windows 10X is built with an adaptive form factor which will be able to run on both single screen and dual screens, it is modern and the general look and feel of the OS is great.


The new Windows User Interface leaves behind the Live Tiles concept which looks premium and also the background software updates run seamlessly, unlike in the previous versions of the Operating System.




Microsoft has allegedly planned to launch its latest Windows Operating System in the first half of 2021 but this update will be without Win32 app support. The first single-screen laptops to be integrated with the latest Windows 10X will be launched in the second quarter of 2021, as per our sources.


It is said that Microsoft will change its update policies and will roll out only one feature update every year. Allegedly after the release of its Window 10X, the company will initiate to roll out its first feature update.


In 2022, Microsoft will launch the first feature update for the Windows 10X and will enable support for dual-screen setups which is exciting if you already use dual screens.

credits: https://rb.gy/iroyzn



Microsoft will not enable the Win32 support for its latest Windows 10X at the time of launch, but as per speculations, it will allow the users to stream Win32 applications via the internet.


This will only work with an active internet connection, but it will work this way before a feature update resolves this issue.

Analysts report that Microsoft might not switch the Windows 10X focus to dual-screen setups before 2022. It will only run on single screen set-ups.



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