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OLO, Device That Can Transform Smartphone Into A 3D Printing Device

28 March, 2016, USA: US-based company has taken the 3D printing technology to a next level. Kickstarter, the company which has carved a device that enables the user to transform any smartphone into a 3D printing unit. The newly designed gadget called OLO is a handy portable device which weighs just 780 grams and it is operated with the help of battery.

The device consists of three parts: A reservoir, which holds 400 cubic cm of printing volume; 100-gram bottles of coloured photopolymer resin to build your objects with; and a mechanised lid, under which the build plate and control electronics are tightly arranged, reports IBN Live.

In order to operate the device, first user needs to load a schematic of his object into the OLO mobile app (available for iOS, Android, and Windows) and then fit his smartphone into the base under the reservoir. A piece of polarised glass is installed into the base, which user’s phone’s touchscreen will be facing when set in place.  After the lid is placed on the top, the printer starts its operations. The entire procedure works with the combination of app, smartphone and OLO device. The company has put a price tag of US $99 on the gadget, with its first shipment expected to be out by September.




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