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OnePlus Watch is now officially confirmed by Pete Lau

We have been waiting for the OnePlus Watch for quite a long time. There were a lot of rumors of the watch becoming a real product. And even various sketches, renders, leaks, and tweets also suggested that it would arrive very soon. Though till now, we were just speculating about the product, now the CEO of the company confirmed that the Oneplus Watch is in development. In an interview, he said that the device would come with Google’s Wear OS.

The OnePlus Watch

The information about the watch’s OS was shared by the present CEO of the company, Carl Pei, in an interview. This confirmation by the CEO of the company also falsifies the leak that the OnePlus watch would not come with Google’s Wear OS. And the recent statement is also much more aligned with the company’s reliance on the software provided by Google for its smartphones and TVs.

OnePlus Watch

Image Source: Mysmartprice

He further added that the Watch was in the works since 2015. But due to their focus on their smartphones, they abandoned the idea for all this time. And now they are back to it again, working closely with Google to specifically design and optimize the Wear OS for their watches. They aim to create a close-knit ecosystem of their devices. This means seamless connectivity between their smartphones, TVs, and the OnePlus Watch.

Apart from this, nothing much was shared by the CEO of the company. It seems the company is trying to pull an ‘Apple’ in the Android side of things. If you didn’t get that, it means offering seamless connectivity between all its products through the perfect software and hardware.

Even the leaks about the watch were floating around since the beginning of 2020. And for all hardcore OnePlus fans, I am sure you will be as excited as I am. What are your thoughts on the pricing of the watch because that’s something that hasn’t been leaked? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative and detailed, do like and share it with your friends.

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