Online gambling- a new way of gaming

Malaysia, one of the most developed countries in entire Asia and one of the most advanced nations in the world. Malaysia is also known as the ‘Gambling City of Asia’, coming only second to Las Vegas. Unlike other major nations in the world, Gambling is completely legal in Malaysia, with it spreading its roots to not only casinos but Horseracing gambling and Sports betting Gambling as well. Kuala Lumpur, the biggest city and capital of Malaysia, is quite well known for its profitable and huge domain of Gambling.


Genting Highlands as an example


The Genting Highlands in Malaysia has got one of the biggest land casinos in the world, opening its doors to thousands of people every day. 


But, the concept of online casino, which offers online mobile version too, has started gaining momentum in the last few recent years as it has become a pretty useful time pass for the people trying to escape the stressful life even if it’s for some time. Mobile gambling versions like 22lvking and platforms like Youlikebet. Have gained quite several participants and viewership making it a part of the list of most games downloaded from the internet.

 This article is going to focus on these two games and everything about it so that if you are interested in online Gambling but terrified of the plausible losses, you will know what you’re getting into.

Let’s first have a look at what online casino means?

Online casinos:

These are virtual gambling play rooms formed online or virtually to encourage players to play and wager against the odds resulting in a win or loss. All the rules of this virtual gambling concept are the same as the traditional brick and mortar casinos with very little variations on the rules depending on the game. Traditionally there are only two forms of online Gambling – a web-based online gambling and download-based online gaming.

While Web-based online gaming can be played directly by logging in and making an account to play the game without downloading, Download-based online gaming enables a player to participate only once the game is downloaded into your handsets or mobiles. Click here to play slot online.

One of the best online gambling platforms that is a popular favourite is- 


This is a version of a download-based gambling game that needs to be played on handsets within the mobile online gaming slots and consists of an expansive collection of casino waging and betting inside. This is one of the top-ranking games with many options for players and features almost 100 slot machines and table games inside the online app. This game can be downloaded by following the official link in ‘Google Chrome.’ The best part about this game is its interactive customer support, which is there for your assistance 24×7.

This game gives you a chance of winning free slots allowing you a chance to win the ‘Big win’ if you stick long enough. This feature attracts lots of new players to come and join while everyone tries their luck at the ‘Big win.’ You can click here to play slot online.


This is the new face of SCR888 that is quite popular in the continent of Asia like Malaysia, Brunei, etc. This app is particularly favourite as it offers a seamless gaming experience with a very smooth interface and attractive designs to lure more players in. This is again a downloaded version of the app and can be downloaded by following its official link in ‘Google Chrome.’ The new version not only allows you to make a lot of money, but it allows you to double your money. Now that is something really interesting, one who should try about it.

Famous games of 918KISS or the more traditional SCR888 are -`   

  • Slot game- Easter surprise
  • Phoenix game
  • Football Carnival new
  • Shark game
  • Top gun online slot game
  • Forest Dance game
  • Apple machine 
  • Halloween fortune


Mylvking- About 

Now that all casino lovers got some new information to play with, the one platform where all the games are available is Mylvking. This registered website contains all the mega-casino games providing an attractive interface, exciting deals, and promotions, quick payout to all kinds of winnings, and a variety of quality gaming products. This website is treated as the king of all online mobile versions of casino gaming as it allows amazing promotional at all times like ‘Welcome bonus 120%’. Such promotional is accessible to all registered members where the deposit is a mere amount of MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) 30, and total payout is up to a maximum of MYR 200.


This website is not only famous for hosting SCR888 or 918KISs but is also famous for a variety of all kinds of online casino games like Baccarat, Roulette, etc. with the feature 4D online betting made available for the first time in an online platform. If you are a betting lover who has an irrevocable taste in Gambling and betting, then this site is surely for you. Make sure you check out their extensive range of products at

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