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Oppo to release AR glasses with gesture control in 2021.




Well, we can not argue about the popularity of Oppo. You step out of your house and by the time you reach your destination you see almost 20 billboards shouting for its qualities. And why shouldn’t they? Ironically it’s Opp that ‘Never Settles’. The company that already specializes in designing innovative mobile photography technology, has now decided to launch AR glasses with gesture control in 2021.


We’ll not be sorry if we forget to wish you a ‘Happy New Year’ since we’re giving the happy news for 2021 in advance. During the  Oppo Inno Day conference, Oppo made a statement stating a launch in 2021. To measure distances Oppo will carry have time-of-flight (ToF) sensors. It will also have simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms to measure the area near the person who is complimenting them.

Oppo Showcases Oppo X 2021 Phone With Rollable OLED Screen, Oppo AR Glass 2021 With Air, Voice Gestures

source- Youtube/Oppo


Oppo claims to provide the AR Glasses with such a quality that design allows you to enjoy videos as if you were watching them on a 90-meter screen. Maybe, cinema halls will be vacant after the release of it. Wait, there is more to it! If you connect Oppo AR Glasses with Oppo Find X2 phone through a USB-C cable, you will be surprised. Along with swipe control to navigate through the content, you will get a performance boost. However, it is for them to know and us to wonder how much the glasses can do if they’re not connected to a phone.

OPPO's new-generation AR Glass teased to launch on November 17 - TechnoSports

source- Technosports


Additionally, Oppo is claiming to install  21 points on your hands with which you can have the superpowers to interact with virtual objects and buttons. Apparently, Marvel will have to change the Avenger superpower’s concept.

The story is really fascinating and can almost make you see a sci-fi movie without even 3D glasses. Everyone will be really happy to have it in reality. We have already been a witness of how Google and Apple let go of the same project. Let’s see what Oppo store has in it for us.

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