What tournament you can play at Singapore online casino?

Every day the numbers of gamblers are increasing, and this is because of the fast growth of Singapore online casino. Today many people right from their home or office are able to play various casino tournaments. It is possible to earn a tremendous amount of money just by playing casino games.

Here we will learn about different types of casino tournaments and how they work!

1. Poker tournament- 

In the standard poker tournament, every player starts with the same number of chips. As the game continues the compulsory blinds and antes grow at regular intervals. The players who lose their children are thrown out of the tournament! One Player who stands still last is declared the winner and given reward money.

2. Bounty tournament- 

By eliminating a particular contestant, a player can win the cash prize in the bounty tournament! For example- if the kid poker has a bounty on his head then by eliminating him, you can win a reward from a few bucks to a hundred dollars.

3. Types of bounty tournament- 

Fixed-  if the bounty is on the head of a marked player. Then they will occupy space in the tournament lobby and designated as “target” or symbol. The Player can hover over the target and see the amount of bounty. And once you eliminate that Player, the bounty is yours!

Team pro- everyone in this tournament has a bounty on their head. The Player has to eliminate any pro to win and claim the reward.

4. Guaranteed tournament- 

Many Singapore online casino offers guaranteed cash tournament. The guarantee of cash prize can range from 5000 dollars to 40,00,000 dollars! It is not so easy to win the tournament and players need to use their skills appropriately to win against different players.

5. Head up a tournament- 

This is a form of shootout tournament also known as 1 on 1 tournament. Here, players are paired and play bracket tournament. Games continue until only one player is left at last. Late registration is never allowed in such type of tournament. Some of the head-up tournaments have a time limit even for unregisteration.

6. Hyper turbo- 

In this type of tournament, the number of blinds increases very quickly. and the length of every round in such a tournament is 3 minutes. Hyper turbo satellite can be the best way to win seats in few minutes.

7. Multi-table tournament- 

MTT also is known as the multi-table tournament is another interesting type of Singapore online casino tournament. In this tournament, every player has an equal or fixed number of chips. There are numerous stable and numerous players competing at each table. One who loses the chips is eliminated from the tournament and the rest of the Player most another table.

Eventually, by competing and winning the survival players with the chips move to the final table will the winner is an individual and has to win against his opponent. The last cash prize is given to the winner.

8. Progressive tournament- 

A progressive knockout tournament is also a type of KO poker. Yeah also by eliminating an opponent you win cash. The twist in the game is that whenever you eliminate a player, the amount is added to your account immediately or by 50%. As you keep eliminating more players the bounty gets bigger and bigger and then you become a target for the other bounty Hunters.

9. Rebut tournament- 

In this tournament, players can buy more chips while the tournament. But in a standard freezeout tournament, you are thrown out of the tournament if you lose all your chips. So, you can buy more chips as your progress in the game but with some restrictions.

10 .Re-entry tournament- 

This is also quite an interesting type of casino tournament, here you have the chance of entering the event again after elimination. Once, you lose all your chips; you get get a chance to re-entering immediately. But if that time if you choose not to re-enter then you can only enter after registering again for the tournament.

11. Satellite- 

It is a type of tournament where you get a prize to enter a big tournament. To enter the big tournament, the expense is usually high, so through satellite tournament entering in the big tournament will cut off those expenses and give you a chance to enter your dream tournament.

There are usually one or multiple sites and go satellite. These tournaments take place on a regular basis and so you can play such a tournament regularly.

Therefore, now that you know about the different tournaments, you can play any of these tournaments and win an exciting cash prize. Always read the rules and the terms before playing any tournament. It will be good you do in-depth research about tournament details and how it has to be played.

Also, If you are new to online casinos, then don’t enter the tournament directly! Make sure you practice for some time and understand different casino games and how they are played. After that, when you gain full confidence and have learned some tricks to play. Then you can enter any tournament with confidence!

Singapore’s online casino sites can be easily found, and registering on them is very easy. But you should always remember that before joining any casino site make a thorough research.

It will be a good idea to read reviews and game reviews. Check whether the site is reputed and trusted by many players or not. Do not deposit money through an unknown mode of deposit. The casino site should offer a safe and secure transaction mode.

Also, check if the site promises to encrypt and secure the personal and transaction details of the Player. Also, Singapore online casino site you join should offer you the customer support centre, which is 24 X 7 available. They must only listen to your queries but respond to it faster. At last, you should be checking the games, whether the site has both free and cash games which are interesting or not!

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