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A nag to do something of their own led these entrepreneurs to open their own fashion jewellery brand!

Ornativa is an online store which supplies you with 1000+ unique designs customized as per your 

2need and desire! They have an exclusive collection of everything a women desires for ranging from Earrings to Bangles and Necklaces! Ornativa claims to provide ‘the real jewellery’ look at the price of artificial one.  


  • Vision is to become a globally recognized brand and one of the India’s most renowned and trusted jewellery brands.


  • Mission is to explore the diva in every woman by giving her means to style herself in her own unique way.
  • Mission is to bring innovation in every woman’s style by providing her with high quality products and unique designs in very affordable prices.


Mr. Nabarun Chakrabortty, a passionate jewellery designer, had worked with the prestigious jewellery brands for 8 years but the nag to do something of his own led him to open his own brand. He got struck with an idea while working at bluestone.com to start his own fashion jewellery brand. His co-founder Ms. Suptotthita Neogi, though a Digital Marketing, PR professional, decided to join hands because of her great inclination towards fashion jewellery. This is how Ornativa was founded.

But this was not enough to venture out in such a high competitive world! Ornativa was not founded to “fit in”, they wanted it to “stand out”, so they decided to offer something better. The jewellery they offer looks real and expensive but prices are way below. Their only aim is to give the feel of real jewellery at the price of fashion jewellery!

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Ornativa at Glance:

Founder: – Nabarun Chakrabortty; Suptotthita Neogi

Founded: – March, 2014

Headquarters: Kolkata (Operates throughout India)

Category: Customized Fashion Jewellery, Personal Stylist.

Contact: +919038006989; [email protected]

Website: www.ornativa.com  [/box]


Well! We have heard “Winners are not people who never failed, but people who never quit.”

Both the founder are contented that even though they are not winners or hugely successful yet but they haven’t quit yet either and will never till they have ‘hold of breathe’.  

They started from Kolkata, West Bengal, where Entrepreneurship is an unearthly career option. On top of that, a first generation Entrepreneurship- A big NO-NO for the Bengalis. They believe that, only those who do not get any job anywhere start a business. “Being born and brought up in a conservative Bengali family, quitting a well-settled job with a juicy salary and starting a business was the biggest challenge ever. But the even bigger challenge started after we start and of course we were not at all prepared to face this reality” says Suptotthita.


Suptotthita and her Co-Founder Nabarun officially launched the jewellery brand, Ornativa all by themselves on March ’14 (though the struggle started long before). They made their first sale exactly after 2 months. Their customers started liking the products and services. But when they approached investors, they have something different to say to them. They got rejected over and over again by the investors just because investors do not want to invest in Kolkata. Nevertheless, some of the investors were generous enough to suggest them to move out of West Bengal and then they will invest in their company.

Everybody suggested them to shut down the operations as running a business with your hard-earned money is not a good idea, a normal person don’t do this either.

Suptotthita and Nabarun are determined. They are hopeful that even after all these shortcomings and challenges; they are getting an average 700 order per month. Moreover, beside their own store ornativa.com, they are selling through more than 25 e-commerce brands like – Snapdeal, Paytm, Shopclues, Fashionara etc.

With such great efforts from both, growth is bound to occur to them. They got selected in ‘IBM Catalyst Program’ and ‘Microsoft Bizspark’- programs to give hardware and software support to a start-up. And another feather which recently got added to their hat is to get selected in ISDI Creative ACcelerator powered by Microsoft Ventures. It is a big achievement for Ornativa to be a part of this program and to get selected from Kolkata.

“We know, these achievements are not enough, we have a long way to go ahead and we are still learning and pushing ourselves to do better and better every day. We made mistakes and learn from that, our ideas get failed and we try some new idea, we get bankrupt and went back to do job to support our start-up, we have seen the worst days in our life but we haven’t shut our company down for a single day” says Suptottita.

As Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam once said, “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.” Suptotthita and Nabarun believe that they will enjoy their success very soon.

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