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PayG – The payment gateway that empowers!

PayG-Every E-commerce Retailer’s Personalized, end-to-end solution!

Industrial revolution 4.0 ushered in the biggest opportunity to the Indian market. Unfortunately, demonetization, covid first wave, and covid second wave followed closely. These posed such a strangling effect on the already struggling retailers especially a large number of small-time traders, that many are on the verge of losing their livelihood. Hardly making enough to make their ends meet, competing with the giants who delight the customer with a seamless experience through all the devices is but a dream. These retailers often fall into a never-ending vicious cycle of losing revenue as they are unable to invest in technology and this inability to digitize their business causes further loss of revenue. 

With its humble origin in Hyderabad, one of the largest IT exporters of India, PayG is a fledgling looking to soar into the horizons of financial technology by empowering the retailers pan India, big and small. Xsilica Software Solutions private limited is the parent company which nested PayG. With its global presence, Xsilica Software is well-positioned to both understand the customer requirements and to tap the best resources to provide customized software solutions to them. PayG is by far the most glorious and successful project, created and nurtured by Xsilica. PayG, a Hassle-free payment gateway, renders personalized payment solutions catering to different industries and sectors panning all over the market. It is the most cost-effective and personalized fin-tech solution without compromising on the features or quality. Is it a surprise that given such a dream platform to take off PayG could so successfully, reach far and wide in just one year?

 With a mission to facilitate and accelerate the growth of the digital payment ecosystem by enabling every retailer through affordable and customized fin-tech solutions, PayG looks at equipping every retailer to provide contact-less merchant payment to their customers. Backed by a dream team to support its ambitious mission, it’s no wonder that it has already covered 5000+ merchants with the processing of 100 crores monthly. 


Partner with PayG to empower your services…

INDIA-One of the world’s largest democracies, with the world’s second-largest population, boasts a whopping 560 million online buyers as of 2019, all of whom transact via the internet and thus a payment gateway. And the best part is that the already expanding internet connectivity in India has accelerated so much since the onset of covid that the country’s internet users have increased by a mind-boggling 23% in just one year. India is spread over 3.3 million km and about 85% of this area has at least mobile data connectivity. India, the land of huge potential is also a land of varied requirements. PayG is the result of not only recognizing the huge market potential but also comprehending the vast range of services required from the various segments spread across the country. Whilst one end of the market is looking at providing omnichannel CX and white label products, another end is struggling to merely find a simple and secure way to receive payment. Xsilica incubated PayG fintech solutions to serve not only the tech-savvy urban retailers but to provide customized innovative solutions to the semi-urban and rural territories.

With an ability to run on common mobile data, PayG looks at equipping the large yet sidelined and therefore untapped market of the small-time retailers. Yes, we are referring to the large population of retailers spread across suburban and rural India. PayG provides end-to-end solutions addressing every point of the merchant payment journey while attending to the pain points and sensitivity of this segment closely. PayG is a complete answer to all of the retailer’s transactional woes. PayG helps the clients with easy, hassle-free, and fast documentation, especially to the business where the owners can transact with their customers online via any device without even having a website. PayG provides a modified dashboard to monitor payment status, thus keeping the merchants updated through webhook alerts. Our free modules also help them to manage payments better and business. PayG is a natural choice to incorporate into your business site as it enables versatile applications for consistent and secure exchanges. Be it managing tones of documentation, or rechecking them. PayG is your go-to for all your payment transactions and more!

Prabhu Kumar, CEO,

Prabhu Kumar, CEO, PayG


We enable your customers to “PAY AS YOU GO!”

One of the biggest challenges that small-time retailers are facing is collecting the payment. With the onset of covid lockdown, the country with the largest population is suddenly shifting its purchases to the online platform. Though showcasing the product and even product delivery is viable, safe and secure payment is neither easy nor practical. Not unless the retailers were ready to shell out a huge sum in the name of upgrading the technology. PayG recognizes these pain points and offered the following:

  1. Customized Fintech Solution: Catering to a vast range of sectors both vertically and horizontally, we provide customized and industry-specific solutions. Our customers range from logistics, dairy, NBFC, Lending Market place, B2B, and finance companies, each receiving a tailor-made solution We provide Virtual POS enabling contactless transactions, payout processing, marketplace settlement, and payment collections via virtual bank accounts. Scaling different industries and different sectors, we understand that the transactional requirements of a grocery store would be very different from that of a car showroom. We provide solutions to each of our customers taking into account their specific needs. PayG has been designed to offer solutions across browsers and devices thus enabling businesses to be it macro or micro. Tapping into the latest technology, we enable our partners to accept any form of payment (UPI/CC/DC/NB/wallets). With our  APIs, our partners are able to enjoy contactless yet seamless transactions in a secure contactless way and this is something that resonates with enterprise & retail clients both of whom enjoy working with PayG.
  2.   Offline and Online solutions: Catering to both the industry leaders with units in most modern cities with access to the latest of the technologies and to the small grocer tucked away in the rural end with bare minimum access to mobile data and not even uninterrupted wi-fi,  PayG offers an easy and fast way to handle financial transactions. URL & QR code-based payment links enable users to exchange banking information and this, in turn, helps receive payments instantly.
  3. Omnichannel Solutions: By providing various payment options across different devices we empower the retailers by enabling them to provide a higher quality customer experience through seamless fintech across the channels. The state-of-the-art technology, once limited to the market leaders can now be tapped by every retailer, be it a mobile-first approach, faster settlements, advanced quick refund solutions, or higher success rates at online transactions. PayG supplants the current actual POS gadgets and you don’t need any APP either. Any program stacking gadget on the web can be used for transactions ranging from mobile phones to tablet to PC/Laptops or any existing terminal with the internet.  Any of these devices can acknowledge installments without utilizing some other peripherals associated with gadgets.
  4. Zero Setup Cost: Understanding the need of every small homepreneur or self-employed or even non-registered businesses we provide a “No device” solution for your transactions. No need to invest in POS devices or other such electronics. PayG offers a Virtual POS  that adapts to offline business and offers the same efficiency. We enable collecting payments using smartphones and that too without any hardware or electronic POS devices. Our partners will now be able to receive contactless payment, from their own devices with just their current browser. This can be pushed via Dynamic QR/ SMS link / API / NFC at the card holder’s device if required. Keeping in mind that a major segment of retailers is from suburban and rural areas, PayG has worked to develop a hassle-free onboarding process that is easy to configure. Add a low transaction fee to it all and we have the exact solution that this large yet untapped market needs.
  5. Offer No-Cost Account and Sale tracking options: The crowning advantage that PayG offers to the clients is a comprehensive reporting and payment acceptance module called EASY COLLECT and COLLECTING ORDER. With a unique payment ID, East collects guarantees congruity, of and amongst the various services. For Eg, Easy collect can send payment records alongside a payment connect to the client, and permit mass information transfer also while Collecting order helps the retailers to create a complete catalog of sale items available. These free modules equip our clients to provide a plethora of services thereby delight their customers. PayG also offers close and personal installments with Bharat QR and NFC payments along with far-off payments for home conveyances through connection-based/invoice payments. 
  6. Security: Payment Gateway is a gatekeeper securing the sensitive information exchanged. It not only exchanges but also protects the data from being breached and at PayG, we take this to be our primary duty. Along with high security, the onus to check for frauds or devious routes is upon us.  Not limiting ourselves with epithets like “high security” and “Fraud checking”  we go further and make sure of Instant refunds because, at PayG, we don’t just Satisfy customers, we believe in Delighting them!


PayG- Next-generation tech-school in making!

Narendra Singh Solanki, Co-Founder & CTO,

Narendra Singh Solanki, Co-Founder & CTO, PayG

PayG is the brainchild of two stalwarts, YS Prabhu Kumar, CEO, and Narendra Singh Solanki, Co-Founder & CTO, backed by a team of passionate mentees who believe in the dream of a digitally enabled India striding towards bridging the ever-widening economic divide.  PayG is the manifestation of that dream through consistent hard work and constant up-gradation.  

The productivity of the core team behind PayG was channelized through the mentorship of Prabhu Kumar, who dipping into his rich experience of 16 years in strategy and business operations, could foresee the digitalization of suburban and the remotest of rural retailers. Comprehending India’s vastly literate yet economically backward population would just need a tool to reach the stars, he looked at disrupting the fintech market through PayG which would provide service to hitherto non-existent yet potentially explosive market. Empathizing with the segment, he understood that PayG will have to provide solutions that will empower the grocer tucked away in the rural village to provide service on par with carrefour or big bazaar.

Narendra Sing Solanki, partaking this dream, translated it into the digital form, and PayG was born! Relating to the vision, he understood that to enable the retailers of the lower segment he will have to provide a fintech solution which provides all the regular feature and more. He understood that the setting up will have to be no cost and even the transaction fee would have to be minimum for the product to be viable. He threw in two free-to-use software to enable the small-time retailers to upgrade their customer’s CX to a higher level. Notwithstanding he actually masterminded a product that can be customized so that PayG can serve the vast range of customers from the tech-savvy, higher-end customer to the non-registered homepreneurs tucked away in a land of sporadic data connectivity. 

Between the effective leadership and strategy implementation of Prabhu Kumar and Narendra’s technology-driven product design and delivery, they created not just an empowering fintech solution through the payment gateway called PayG but also a snug corner where the best of the minds thrive and are mentored to lead the next generation equipped with cutting edge technology!



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