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Mercado Libre, South America’s second largest company now accepts crypto payments

The change is happening, companies are following suit, and the global financial system is changing. Crypto payments are becoming more common as every day some new company announces that they are adding them as a payment method. But this time, it’s not just some company; it’s Mercado Libre, the second largest firm in South America. And them accepting crypto as a payment method is nothing less than a revolution. Mercado Libre has added a special real estate section for cryptocurrencies.

Mercado Libre is now accepting crypto.

Being the second-largest company in South America and present in 18 countries, it is clear that the retailer has a huge market. Therefore, the company accepting crypto payments is going to be big for the industry. Mercado also has many other businesses like a digital payments system, a logistic platform, and others that might benefit from this development. As of now, one can purchase houses, land, commercial real estate, and condos from the company using crypto.

With these planes Mercado Libre will deliver packages in less than 24 hours

We all know how the prices of real estate and land increase over time. This can be dedicated to the factors like inflation, growing demand, and overpopulation. But by accepting crypto as a payment method, this price increase can be stopped. Since these currencies have a higher growth rate than inflation or any other price hike, we could actually see a decline in the price of real estate in terms of crypto. At the same time, the ones already sold by taking crypto as payment can also benefit from the value increase of the coins.

But after all that, the response to this new decision hasn’t been very enthusiastic. We have seen that over 300 real-estate agents took part in the event, but less than 90 offers have been placed. But these numbers will change, and Mercado Libre said that very soon, crypto payments will be as normal as fiat. And I am pretty sure they will have a role in that change.

The recent adoption of crypto

We need to understand that the main reason why crypto has gotten so popular is the returns they generate. But theoretically, it was meant to be a currency rather than an investment. Companies have started to accept the crypto revolution because they think this is the only way to protect the value of their money. And on the other hand, people have started to take it as salary to protect their money’s purchasing power. All in all, everything added, we need to understand that global adoption is coming. And the countries that are heavily affected by inflation are the ones that will be most inclined towards accepting it as their payment medium.

What are your thoughts on the recent adoption of crypto in all industries? And do you think this will be the biggest financial revolution in history? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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