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PayPal Payments While on GamStop: Is it Possible?

Problem gambling and gambling addiction have a tight grip over the UK. According to the survey reports of the NHS Long Term Plan, there are more than 4000,000 problem gamblers. Among them, only a tiny fragment of 3% of problem gamblers receive the necessary medical help. To combat the growing ratio of gambling addicts and problem gamblers, the UK government came up with the initiative of GamStop. 

GamStop is a self-exclusion software that prevents the gambler from indulging in any gambling pursuits for the selected specific period. It implies that the gamblers can neither be associated with any gambling payment, nor with any online gaming websites making use of gambling data. This software is available free of cost on all UKGC-licensed casinos.

For most gambling transactions in the UK, PayPal is the most preferred software. This can be done easily with any existing bank account and depositing it to the respective casinos, bookmarkers, or poker rooms. Gamblers are also allowed to possess PayPal Extras Mastercard or e-cards to allow transfers of large sums of money. 

It is highly debatable if financial deposits for online games via PayPal are available or not if GamStop functions simultaneously. The user must have basic knowledge about PayPal’s rules and regulations, the transaction methods, alternatives available, etc. to understand the functionality of both.

Non-GamStop PayPal Casinos

The only way to make PayPal payments possible even after the user is registered in GamStop is to play at non GamStop Paypal online casinos which accept players from the United Kingdom. These casinos are generally offshore licensed casinos. The 2021 list of PayPal Casinos includes around 40 such casinos, with more than 1000 available games, starting from a minimum deposit of 10 Euros. 

PayPal Transactions and its Rules

Most customers find online payment with PayPal very simplistic. It is highly useful in cases when the customers aim for minimal data exchange, instant withdrawals, and additional security layers. Moreover, the registration and sign-up process require minimal authentic personal data. All you need is a bank account, registered mobile number, email address, and account type, either personal or business. This is required for password generation, which would provide an additional layer of security to the transactions. Whenever a registered user inputs their mobile number, an OTP would be directed which would open the link for transactions. 

However, PayPal is strict when it comes to gambling transactions. The first and foremost requirement is the casino either licensed from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), or from other licensed communities such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Costa Rica Gaming Agency, etc. This also implies that PayPal does not support monetary transactions in all forms of betting. Further, PayPal can only function if a respective casino registers along with it. PayPal is not functional on zero balance, hence the user must keep that in mind while using the PayPal functionality. 

Can GamStop and PayPal Function Together?

It is quite impossible for both the software to go hand in hand with each other. This is because GamStop functions with UKGC-licensed casinos, and so does PayPal. If the user is already registered with GamStop, they are already under a period of exclusion which will block all financial transactions associated with gambling. This would make the purpose of PayPal futile. Usually, players switch to other popular payment options which are available for them. However, the users can implement PayPal only after the period of seclusion is over, or at Non-GamStop casinos. 

Available PayPal Alternatives

There are a large number of overseas casinos which do not implement financial transactions via PayPal. This is mainly due to the imposed rules and regulations of PayPal. For example, in the US no type of gambling can make use of PayPal for transactions. However, there are several PayPal alternative methods available when PayPal is not functional at non GamStop casinos.  

The most commonly used is transfer via bank wire. Usually, deposits show active status immediately, but withdrawal takes time. E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are the most commonly used substitutes of PayPal, as it allows all forms of gambling. Cryptocurrencies are another method of monetary transaction, which is both safer and untraceable, as it has no involvement of third-party systems.  

Concluding Thoughts

PayPal is surely a much-loved mode of transaction, but it comes with its own pros and cons. Besides remaining paralyzed in the UKGC-licensed casinos with document verification, its functionality is also complicated by credit cards, which is also extremely popular among gamblers in the UK. According to the UKGC, no gambling transaction is feasible via credit cards. But, PayPal allows credit card functionality. The procedure is cumbersome and takes additional charges. As PayPal provides a wide range of benefits for monetary transactions, it is being replaced as the most used commercial e-wallet for online payments.



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