Paytm Messaged Zomato User And This Is What The CEOs Had To Say About Customer Acquisition On Twitter !

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Customer acquisition tactics has seen some major changes in the recent era, the depth of personalization has gone so deep and all thanks goes to technology. Last night, one of Zomato users who paid via net banking was shocked to receive a SMS from PayTM.

He immediately roped in both Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Deepinder Goyal to explain the situation as PayTM message exactly specified what he ordered to check if Zomato was trading his orders to PayTM. There were other users who jumped into the conversation.

It was clear that the user was not using PayTM at that point of time and his data reaching the company was clearly a privacy breach for him.

And that’s when Deepinder Goyal jumped into the conversation.

After clearing Zomato’s name and resting his case, Deepinder Goyal left the conversation but the other users were still trying to detect the privacy breach.

The conversation did not end last night, some users jumped in even today morning to understand the matter.

In the age of digital marketing and targeted advertising, this is not new. Personalization adds more meaning and gives more opening to long term relationship, but  sometimes the level of personalization goes from customer acquisition to customer aversion. As Deepinder noted “we should be concerned”, is growth at all costs good for the company and the user?