Lucid Air to first utilize Pirelli high load tire designed for electric vehicles

Italian tire maker Pirelli launched their high load (HL) tires which are specifically designed for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Lucid Air will be the first car to use Pirelli HL tires. These tires can handle more weight and are much efficient.

Tire Load Index & Chart | Pirelli
Image credits- Pirelli

The company announced on Thursday, “Pirelli presents its very first high load index tire: a new type of tire dedicated primarily to electric or hybrid cars and SUVs. Made to support the weight of new vehicles equipped with batteries, the tire is perfect for heavier vehicles, such as electric cars. It is designed to provide low rolling resistance as well as a high level of driving comfort.”

Pirelli’s high load tire can endure 20% more mass than regular tires. Electric vehicles being heavy because of batteries, need efficient tires to maintain speed and endurance. Also, the tire can load 6-9% extra load with and a high load XL tire.

Pirelli will be celebrating its 150th birthday next year. Their expertise in making tires is also the one used in Formula One motorcycles and other passenger vehicles. So, the HL tires are expected to be used in other electric vehicles in the coming years.

Furthermore, the tires to be used in Lucid Air are P ZERO HL tires, which were developed with Lucid Air team up with Pirelli. These tires will have a mark LM1 to them. Having a quieter ride with an electric vehicle is now possible with these perfect tires.

The Lucid Air is yet to release its flagship Sedan later this year. One of the most awaiting electric sedan which is to compete with Tesla and other emerging electric cars. They recently announced a service program for its customers which included a vehicle warranty.

Especially for electric cars

As the electric vehicle sector is rapidly evolving, tire manufacturers are pushing to make stronger tires. In June 2021, Ford aligned with the Humble tire to make super-strong tires for its electric vehicles. In the coming years, Ford-F150 Lightning models will have better battery range, the weight also increases.

Senior Vice President of R&D and Cyber, Pierangelo Misani said, “The search for cutting-edge technical solutions has always been at the very heart of Pirelli’s business. “The attention we devote to all new forms of sustainable mobility now leads us to technology that is capable of anticipating the future demands of car manufacturers for their new electric and hybrid vehicles, which increasingly require specialized performance from tires.”