Pixel 3 XL display wins ‘Best Smartphone Display Award’

Last year, Google had taken the OLED display panels for the Pixel 2 XL from LG and there were some issues with the phone’s display like showing blue hues and muted colors. Google tried to solve these problems with the help of software updates which included a ‘Saturated’ mode. The mode was helpful in increasing color vibrancy.

Despite having all these issues, Google has retained the OLED panels for the Pixel 3XL. According to a report by the DIsplayMate, the Pixel 3 XL OLED display smartphone has some premium features, which helped it get an A+ rating, as well as the Best Smartphone Display Award. Previously, this award was won by smartphones like Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, and iPhone X.

But, who has sourced the OLED display this time, has still not been confirmed by the Google officials.

Picture Credits: Entracr