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Pokemon TCG Live delayed to 2022

Pokemon TCG Live was targeting a release window for 2021 and providing full cross-play support at launch, but a delay by the devs has pushed it back to 2022. There is no specific date when the game will be published in open beta or in the full release. Two months ago, Pokemon TCG Live was announced as a digital card game for 2021 but now we’ll have to wait till next year to see it.

Pokemon TCG Live

Credit @ The Pokémon Company

The beta of the game which will have a beta for PC and Mac and a phased launch later in the year in Canada has been delayed. The official account of the game has announced that the global desktop beta has been delayed until 2022, The game is supposed to replace the old Pokémon CCG Online.

However, it’s also surprising that Pokemon took the trouble to change the entire branding of Fusion Strike products to include Life instead of Online, only to literally postpone the game a few days later. The primary reason is that they want to improve the product before launching it – they say that the respite is necessary in order to give players a more refined experience – in a tweet, Pokemon Company claims it is trying to provide a more sophisticated experience for trainers.

Although this will include some cards but not all, it has not been clearly stated which cards will be jumped to. The encoding machine currently included in the actual Pokemon card pack will continue to be included in the physical pack and will be compatible with the new game. TCG Live will enhance existing applications and allow players to play TCG on PC or mobile devices.

Pokemon TCG Live

Credit @ The Pokémon Company

Pokemon TCG Live is a PC/Mobile app that will serve as a revised version of the old Pokemon TCG Online, which is the current digital card game in the Pokemon universe. TCG Online features include player versus computer and player versus player online combats, deck building, card swapping, avatar customization, Pokémon TCG guide, and more.

On the other hand, players will have the option to buy playsets and participate in the daily missions. In Standard mode, the player’s deck can only use approved cards in the current Standard Rotation (old cards are removed from the game every year ). Players can challenge NPCs and other online players in card battles using decks of 60 cards. Credits can then be exchanged for individual cards and also can be earned through in-game milestones.

However, worry about your collection as everything in the old app will be carried over to the new app after launch. Your old data should be able to migrate when you enter a new app, but not everything can be migrated. They can transfer most of their cards, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all will work in it.

Pokemon TCG Live

Credit @ The Pokémon Company

According to the game’s Twitter account, branded codes for Pokemon TCG Live had already been included in envelopes and other boxes prior to the announcement of the delay. The tweet also confirmed that some players may have received branded codes of Pokemon TCG Live which are redeemable when the game becomes available.

The Pokemon Company also announced in the next tweet that these codes can be used with the current online Pokemon Trading Card Game App. It is worth noting that unopened packages will be converted into currency in-game (crystals). TCG Live will allow you to play online games on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS just like its predecessor, and the same digital code will be used for in-app purchases from the real world.

To provide coaches with a better experience, the launch of the Pokemon TCG Live mobile software in Canada and the global desktop open beta have been pushed back to 2022. A new time or timeline for the soft launch and beta has yet to be announced. No new dates as to when the open beta will be released have been announced. The Pokemon Company said that the additional development time would guarantee players a “more refined experience” at the launch and would provide more information on the timing of the testing period and the release date.



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