Pravaig Dynamics reveals made in India electric car for fleets

Pravaig’s upcoming electric SUV with 500km range & 402bhp peak power

Pravaig is a Bengaluru-based startup in India. The EV maker unveiled its all-new electric SUV on November 25, 2022. Now, more details are revealed about the vehicles. It is said that Pravaig’s SUV will pack 402 bhp of peak power and have a range of 500km.

Pravaig Dynamics reveals made in India electric car for fleets
Image credits- PluginIndia

The torque figures and other mechanical specifications are yet to be revealed. The model appears to be heavily inspired by the Range Rover with a strong shoulder line receding towards the rear, while the LED taillights extend shoulder-to-shoulder. The two-part panoramic sunroof and raked rear windscreen are also easily visible. Other details you can expect on the SUV include flush door handles and blacked-out alloy wheels. The front design remains under wraps for now.

That said, the upcoming Pravaig electric SUV promises to get a sharp and sleek design language that will be futuristic. The cabin, we reckon, will follow a similar theme, although we are yet to see any official images of the same. Pravaig has also revealed that the upcoming electric SUV will offer over 500 km of range with 0-80 percent charge in 30 minutes using a fast charger. The company also claims a top speed of 200 kmph with 0-100 kmph coming up in 5.4 seconds. The model will be loaded with features and is expected to include an air purifier apart from several other tech upgrades.

Battery solutions

It needs to be noted that Pravaig previously showcased its Extinction sedan concept, also electric, but the model never made it past the concept stage. The company already works in providing fixed battery storage solutions and will be branching out to the electric mobility space with its e-SUV.

In May, the CEO of Pravaig, Siddhartha Bagri said, “These batteries are designed, engineered, and made in India. This supply marks a major shift in the defense landscape of India. A tipping point in the reversal of India’s high technology defense industry, from users to developers, from importers to exporters. A feat considered impossible just a few years ago.”

The modern soldier is as much a cyborg as a human, with electronics being a major part of their equipment. Pravaig’s Field Pack provides the modern soldier and their equipment enough energy to charge the equivalent of a MacBook 60 times, the statement said. “We showed Pravaig the difficulties of the soldiers in desert, snow, urban, and forest environments, and they have come up with an amazing solution to solve the energy needs. We will showcase the Pravaig Field Pack at EuroSatory, the largest defense exhibition in Europe,” said David Amsellem, CEO of AMG Pro.