The problem with the foldable phone

The Royal Flex Pai is the world’s first commercially available phone with a flexible AMOLED display. Now I’m sure you guys have a lot of questions and so did I and the good news is I have actually gotten the answers for most of them so stay tuned because there are some things about this that are really cool and there are some things about this that are a little bit less cool. Also you can buy this phone using Paytm Mall Coupons at discounted prices.

History and the motive  

So they started out in 2012 but this is actually their first phone they have been hard at working on this for years and they actually had to build their own fabrication and production line up in order to make this a reality and t started with the world’s thinnest display so they claimed that the actual display layer of their tech here is just point zero one millimetres thick and this was absolutely critical to getting it to be flexible enough that it could not just be bent in a tight radius like this but it could do so 200,000 times without being damaged. The trick here is that while flexible OLED tech has been around for a long time, the substrate is the part that is the challenge because traditionally you would build it on to glass and finding a plastic that is also thin and flexible and durable enough is a real challenge.

Specifications and other features that the phone is loaded with

They did not give any details as to exactly hat plastic they are using but it seems to be working incredibly well. Now in terms of the operating system and specs it is running Snapdragon 850, five, six or eight GB of RAM, 128 or 256 gigs of storage and a customised version of android that they are calling water OS and the reason for that is they had to specially design the software in order to flow like water from one orientation to another so you can use it like a tablet so that is either a portrait or landscape mode that is a four by three display if you are into the mobile productivity. If you fold it up you will end up with a sixteen by nine display. You can turn it around and what is cool that you can either turn off the rear display and what they call medium brightness mode or you can keep it enabled just for that super casual look.

They have also got an edge display and there is a bunch of functionality that you can set in order to have things customised according to the users. The camera also is pretty crazy so there are two cameras and they are both at the same position so if you want to take a selfie you go ahead and flip the phone and click. Secondary screen uses accelerometers and gyroscopes or whatever traditional mechanism in order to tell which screen you are looking at so sometimes it is a little bit off. There is also this feature where the subject and the person taking the photo can actually preview the photo while clicking.

The things that might catch you eye

However there are definitely some things I noticed while content consumption is actually consider a strong point for a design like this where you have got stereo speakers if you are in tablet mode or you will not get the mono effect out of them being on a single screen or in the folded mode. The screen is one of the weak point so the first thing I noticed about it that you can clearly see on the lock screen that appears to be some kinds of striations through the display and now initially what I thought was that this was because of the fold. Either the screen had be worn out by folding and unfolding a thousand times on the show floor or it was the slightly ribbed texture behind it that was causing it appear that way upon further inspection what came out to be the reason was that they are present everywhere. There is a kind of a shadow that moves around as the icons or swiped to left or right. Moreover, one can easily get this phone using Shopclues Offers with great deals.

What really needs to be changed?

So state of things now, this is really cool especially impressively tight they have got the bend on this thing and now that I am aware of the striations through the display is not actually the panel or the bend mechanism itself. There is definitely some software work to do and there is definitely some work to on the panel side making sure that it is not burning in like that and improving their color. There is not so much color depth to the display so the subtleties of colors can get lost a little bit. Other than that this phone is the future of mobile phones and display accuracy.