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Python Developer Salary in India in 2020

Since its inception, Python has taken the programming world by storm. With every year, its popularity is only increasing. This 3-decades old language has surpassed traditional languages like C, C++, C#, Java, and PHP. 

The reason why it is among the most in-demand technologies in the world is its versatile nature. This is also the reason why the salary of a Python developer is much more as compared to the professionals working with other languages. But, before we dive deep into the salary of a Python Developer, let’s understand the role of a Python Developer. 

What does a Python Developer do? 

As a Python Developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing software applications using the Python language. You will be in charge of writing code, debugging the errors, and integrating. The language has been used for data analysis and web development for quite some time now. However, it is also being effectively utilized for relatively new fields such as machine learning. Ever since Data Science became popular, the salaries of Python Developers have dramatically increased. 

Salary of Python Developers in India 

Forbes wrote an article on AI skills that were most in-demand for 2020. In this list, Python was on the top. Top companies in the world like NASA, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and IBM make use of Python. As more and more organizations have started adopting Python. This has significantly increased the demand and income of Python developers. Their salary depends on the role they are working in. Here are a few examples: 

  1. Data Scientists 

Data Science involves implementing statistics using programming. Apart from R, Python has also managed to display its mettle in data sorting according to general and specific requirements. In India, Python programmers working in the field of data science have a higher income than DevOps programmers and Software Developers. The reason behind this is the process of data collection, cleaning, and analyzing has become important for companies. They need data for gathering customer information and markets. For this, they need Python Programmers who are skilled in collecting and processing data using libraries like Pandas and NumPy. The demand for Data Scientists is extremely high, especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, and Bangalore. 

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist 

  • Collecting large volumes of unstructured and structured data and transforming them into actionable insights. 
  • Identifying the right data analytics solution that has the most potential for driving the organization’s growth. 
  • Using data analysis techniques such as text analytics, deep learning, and machine learning for analyzing data so that hidden trends and patterns can be unraveled. 
  • Encouraging the organization to follow a data-driven approach for solving complex problems. 
  • Cleaning and validating data for optimizing data efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Communicating productive findings and observations to the stakeholders using data visualization.

Salary range of a Data Scientist in India 

In India, the average annual income of a data scientist is INR 7,08,012. If you are an entry-level data scientist with less than one year of working experience, you will be able to earn about INR 5,00,000 per annum. Data Scientists with 1 to 4 years of working experience can earn about INR 6,10,811 per year. A mid-level data Scientist who has 5 to 9 years of working experience in the field can earn an annual income of INR 10,04,082. As you continue to work and increase your skills and experience, you will become a senior-level data scientist and earn more than INR 17,00,000 per annum. 

  1. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be considered as an umbrella term for a wide number of applications applicable across different technologies and disciplines. This involves data analytics, robotics, developing chatbots, web development, intelligent application development, and others. Python frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch are commonly used by ML/AI engineers. 

Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer 

  • Studying and converting data science prototypes. 
  • Designing and developing Machine Learning schemes and systems. 
  • Performing statistical analysis and using the test results to fine-tune the models. 
  • Finding datasets available online for the training purpose. 
  • Training and retraining ML models and systems as and when required. 
  • Extending and enriching existing ML libraries and frameworks. 
  • Developing Machine Learning applications as per the requirements of clients and customers. 
  • Researching, experimenting with, and implementing suitable ML tools and algorithms. 
  • Analyzing the use-cases and problem-solving capabilities of ML algorithms and ranking them according to their success probability. 

Salary range of a Machine Learning Engineer in India 

A Machine Learning Engineer can earn an average of INR 6,71,548 per year. If you have less than 1 year of experience, you can expect about INR 5,00,000 annum per year which is among the highest entry-level salaries in the country. Machine Learning engineers with 1 to 4 years of experience can earn about INR 6,72,109 per annum depending on the company, their skillset, and location. 

The average annual income of a mid-level engineer is INR 11,73,074. Senior-level engineers with more than 10 years of working experience can get a salary of more than INR 20,00,000 per annum. 

  1. Web Developers 

The demand for Web Development is not going to reduce any time soon. Since Python is robust and flexible, it is the perfect language for the domain. Python frameworks such as Flask and Django can be used for creating amazing web applications. It is the rapidly-growing demand for Flask and Django developers that there has been a large migration in the development market to Python, especially from the .NET/PHP region.  

Salary range of a Python Web Developer in India 

A Web Developer with 1 to 4 years of experience can easily earn an average annual salary of INR 3,07,800. The salary of an entry-level web developer with less than 1 year of working experience is about INR 2,25,076 per annum. A senior-level web developer with 10 to 19 years of experience can earn an average income of INR 10,00,000 per year. 

Now, you have an idea about how much a Python Developer can earn in India. Remember that these numbers are not set in stone. Your skills are the ones that influence your salary. The more mastery you have over them, the higher you can earn, and quickly you can grow. So, start your career with the Python Certification course and take advantage of all that the language has to offer. 



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