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Qatar’s Qsuites flight is a luxury we all must try once!

First-class and business-class flight travel is always a great experience, but some airlines take it to the next level. One of them is Qatar’s Qsuites flight which is such a luxury that we all need to try it at least once in our life. Recently, a Tiktoker posted a video on what it’s like to take a 16 hours flight from Doha to Los Angeles via this flight.

He says, “We’re flying on the Airbus A-350, and we’re in seats 11F and E, and these are the couple seats because they are right next to each other.”

The flight has mood lighting that matches the decor of the cabin, and the safety video is football themed.

The attendants there start by offering champagne to the guests, which is really great. There are also a lot of amenity kits from well-known brands like Diptyque, which have things like hand cream, lip balm, face cream and plush blankets.

Talking about the meal service provided by the airlines, he says, “Every meal service starts with a tablecloth, and there’s also mood lighting with this candle, but of course, the candle is a fake candle.”

On this flight, for the first meal, he got a lobster, and it was really good.

Now, after the meal, he says, “Our beds are made for us, and then we’re given pyjamas—Heading to the bathroom to change the pyjamas. This bathroom has a window and a full-length mirror—heading back to our seats.”

After having a good sleep, they wake up and are hungry now. So they hit the flight attendant call button to order their food since the meals in Qatar are on demand from Ala carte dining. He says, “You can order whatever you want, whenever you want.”

This time he got the halftime platter, which was supposed to be like football halftime food. On the other hand, Tiffany got the fruit bowl with rose water syrup.

That is all there’s to do; you can eat, sleep and have a good time for 16 hours.

After landing, he says, “That’s 16 hours went by so fast. Do you want more information on how to book this? Check out the description down below.”

Watch the video and read the description here:


Points Price with Qatar Avios. 70k between the U.S. and Doha 85k-95k+ between the U.S. and Africa + Asia. Currently, the best way to search and book for Qatar Qsuites is to either search on British Airways or Qatar’s website and book through Qatar’s website. You can transfer all the major credit card points currencies to British Airways and then move them over to Qatar Avios. #traveltiktok #travelbucketlist #travel #traveltips #milesandpoints #pointsandmiles

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