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Qualcomm Working On A Nintendo-like Android Console Which Expected To Be Unveiled With The Price Tag Of $300 (Rs. 21,000)
Qualcomm is allegedly working on the famous Nintendo Switch with a handheld Android-powered game console.

Qualcomm is supposedly operating on a Nintendo Switch-like handheld game console. According to an Android Police report, sources known for the company’s strategy have been quoted. The flagship console is called Snapdragon chipset and Android 12 is running off the box.

On the left and right sides of the console, the device, similar to the switch, will have detachable joycon-style controllers. It seems that the console has a dense shape factor that seems to benefit thermal and performance. In the report, the gamepads are designed and produced by ‘premium providers in the control room.’

The console will display a 6.65-inch full HD+ screen, according to XDA’s editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman. In addition, the handheld console will support an effective cooling fan. However, Rahman’s sources tend to think that the design may be a reference.

A 6000mAh battery supporting Qualcomm quick-charge technology can be packed in the console. Additional console specifics include display functions and an expandable storage SD card slot.

The report adds that the console runs Android 12 and a personalized launch vehicle on top is available for the software. It would probably support Google Play apps and services completely.

Epic will also be partnered with the industry to launch the Epic Games Store app. While Qualcomm plans to create a content portal for this device, it is also evident whether the company will partner in providing its catalog with cloud gaming companies.

Although with an older X55 modem, the Qualcomm console has a 5G connectivity. It should be sold in the first quarter of 2022. More surprisingly, it will be launched on $300 reportedly by Qualcomm.

If Qualcomm manages to make this a reality, especially at that price point it will be very interesting to see. It will certainly be a convincing alternative to the Nintendo Switch if it does.

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