Ray Dalio believes in crypto to diversify one’s portfolio

With the recent inflation figures, it is no doubt that investing one’s money has become more important than ever. And in investment, it is very important to diversify one’s portfolio. This is where Ray Dalio believes in crypto as a good option to be part of one’s portfolio. He also says that investors should always stay away from cash and think in terms of inflation-adjusted amount/dollars when calculating returns. This shows that even billionaires who understand cryptocurrencies have accepted it as a viable investment.

Ray Dalio on investing

The founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, talked about his investment strategy recently. Yahoo Finance conducted an interview with him where he talked about his views on cash, inflation, and cryptocurrencies. Ray Dalio said that he has been impressed with Bitcoin as it has held up with time. The fact that it is seeing adoption and has never been compromised is a great thing.


Ray Dalio believes in crypto
Image Source: CNBC

Ray Dalio also expressed his concerns about inflation, saying that the credit and money ending to be produced is a very large increase. He also cleared the air saying that cash is the worst thing one can have at this time. With the current rate of inflation, it will lose its buying power significantly over time. Having some amounts of cash is okay as a spending option but thinking it is a safe investment is outrageous.

Ray Dalio also said that it’s high time investors must calculate their returns in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars and not normally. This is where he talked about the diversification of one’s portfolio and said that crypto is one of the assets one can use to do so. He also said that people should diversify assets from different nations to have a truly good portfolio and crypto plays a small role in that.

Ray Dalio owns Bitcoin

Ray owns Bitcoin and Ethereum in his portfolio. His investment in crypto is purely for diversification, as clear that he doesn’t own a lot of it. He also accepted that he is not an expert on the topic of BTC but thinks it is like Gold though the latter is much more established as an investment option.

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