Reddit plans to become the biggest creator economy on the internet
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Reddit plans to become the biggest creator economy on the internet
To build its own NFT platform, Reddit is looking for a senior backend developer.

Reddit is looking to hire a senior backend developer to help it build its own NFT platform. The position requires development abilities, but no prior knowledge of crypto or NFTs is required. Reddit aspires to “create the internet’s largest creator economy,” according to its mission statement.

Reddit plans to become the biggest creator economy on the internet
Image Source: Markets Insider

According to a job posting on Friday, Reddit is looking to build its own non-fungible token marketplace. The social media platform is looking for a senior engineer to design, construct, and deploy “backend services for millions of users to produce, buy, trade, and use NFT-backed digital goods”.

The GameStop trading frenzy was one of the most popular market events this year, and Reddit was at the forefront of it. Dogecoin, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency, saw enormous increases as a result of conversations on the website, which positioned the token as a humorous alternative to the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

In the same way that cryptocurrencies are expected to disrupt the world of economics and banking, NFTs are set to rewrite how we think about digital goods, according to Reddit’s job posting.

There’s only one NFT-related job posting on Reddit right now, but the post hints it’s trying to hire more. The ad reads, “Our team is a new and exciting, rapidly developing company that seeks to build the internet’s largest creative economy, powered by independent creators, digital commodities, and NFTs. We’re searching for talented engineers and leaders to help us develop the team from the ground up, determine its direction, and plan for the future”.

Applicants should have at least five years of backend programming experience, but no prior familiarity with crypto or NFTs is required. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that signify ownership of a virtual item like artwork, music, a video clip, or a tweet. An increasing number of artists, singers, and influencers in sports, fashion, and the entertainment business are creating digital assets to engage with followers and consumers, fueling demand for these assets.

NFTs, according to proponents, let authors to commercialize their digital work while also giving consumers a unique and established proof of ownership.

This has prompted a slew of new businesses to enter the market, allowing users to quickly mint, purchase, showcase, and discover NFTs. By the end of the year, Coinbase plans to launch its own NFT marketplace, whereas FTX has already done so. “The NFT movement is just getting started,” Reddit remarked.

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