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Shidong Chen Developed The System And Method For Remote Robotic Apparel Fitting And Shopping

The online shopping has increased in the recent times, yet people are a still hesitant to buy things online when it comes to apparel section. The main reason for this is that people love to buy apparel that suits their body better and they believe that they need to try and then see what fits them better.

This was the major challenge in front of the big e-retail giants. But, now Shidong Chen has developed a method that could solve this problem. They have also filed for the patent for the same on 4th October 2016.

Why this technology?

While buying the apparels people want the one that suits on their body. As every person ahs different body shape, complexion. This makes people afraid of buying the clothes online. As a person, everybody wants the clothes are the perfect fit for them.

While shopping online a person does not get an idea about the fact that the cloth will fit or not. This is the main reason that there was the need for something that could give the user an idea about the dress is going to look him or her better or not while shopping online.

remote robotic apparel fitting

Image Source: freshpatents.com

Since the very start of the e-commerce department, the fitting has remained a challenge for the companies. There were many methods that were tried to ensure that the customer could get an idea about whether that dress is going to fit him or her not.

There were many companies that used the remote fitting technologies to ensure that customer get the full experience of the dress before buying that dress. But, none of the technology was able to solve this problem completely. But, Shidong claims that this technology is more efficient and would solve the remote fitting problem.

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How does this technology work?

This technology uses the robot to ensure that the customer gets an idea about the dress that it is going to fit him or not. The customer looks for the dress that he finds interesting and wishes to try on. Now, after selecting the dress that he or she wants to try, he moves to the remote trial option.

Now, in remote trial option, there is a robot which is similar to the customers. It means that the body shape of the robot is similar to the customer. The machine or the robot tries the real apparel which gives the customer an idea about the fitting of the dress. The customers get to see the whole process with the help of some kind of remote vision provided. The remote vision could be in the form of camera.

The robot’s trial will give an idea on the best fit for the customer. This helps the customer make the right decision before buying the dress. The whole purpose of this technology is to increase the customer experience.

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What’s next?

The next big problem for the Shidong will be to implement this technology in the real world scenario. There would be many challenges like how much this technology is going to impress the customer. Will this technology is going to change the mindset of the people. Is it going to provide the real experience to the customer? Well, there will be many more question but it remains to be seen how Shidong goes with this technology.



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