How Virtual Reality is Providing Customer Experience a Facelift !

virtual reality customer experience

Whoever coined the age-old idiom – “Seeing is Believing”, barely knew that this proverb would hold paramount importance in today’s world, which is completely encompassed by digitalization. So, the next time you try out a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset or are exposed to VR in any way, try to negate this idiom. Trust us – it will be one of the hardest (well, hardest is an understatement here!) tasks you will ever face in your life.

Very few of us who have been exposed to VR or even the idea of it, can rebuff the absolute wonder that this technology is. By changing the way we share and experience almost everything, VR is touted to generate mass consumer revenues from software platforms and delivery services, television, gaming, and distribution channels. In many ways, the entire user experience in the realm of entertainment will surely be revamped with the onset of VR.

In simple words, VR allows users to witness lifelike, immersive 3-D imagery in all directions, making them feel like they are part of the entire experience.

HBO recently gave Game of Thrones fans a treat when they created a Virtual Reality for the best rated TV series ever, using Oculus Rift headsets. We will soon be able to feel the experience of real dragons spitting fire, and just imagining this gives me Goosebumps!

And if you thought VR is only restricted to TV shows and gaming, you thought wrong. In the near future, Virtual Reality is expected to touch almost every form of entertainment. To those who are wondering at this point what else entertainment can comprise of – you might have forgotten sports, music, and movies. How you ask? Read on to find out.

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Already, NBA offers numerous Virtual Reality practice sessions on Samsung Gear VR, along with VR footage of the 2015 NBA All Star Game. Moreover, NASCAR and NHL have also begun testing VR. Soon, you might be able to enjoy a live game at the stadium from your VR headset.

With the way how many famous bands have shied away from giving live performances in India, fans surely are missing out a lot on the fun. However, wouldn’t your troubles be alleviated if you get to stand beside Chris Martin, while he hums Fix You? Yes, with VR this might soon be a reality. VR software company JauntVR has captured footage that can help you achieve this aforementioned dream or even, stand feet from the concert revelries.

How VR can bring a Paradigm Shift in Customer Service?

Every technology requires human assistance when things go wrong and this is precisely where customer service will come to play in VR. At present, customer service is doled out over the phone, chat, and email. In most cases contact center reps have a hard time in troubleshooting customer problems, as they have to rely heavily on the customer’s description of the problem. This makes troubleshooting rather cumbersome and often results in inaccurate service due to lack of visualization.

A Virtual Reality interaction can easily come to the rescue here by allowing customers to see and do exactly what the reps are portraying. This provides a much more real experience to customers and makes the troubleshooting process a cakewalk. The application of this approach can range from fixing simple internet problems to something significant like reinstalling your entire personal computer.

Okay, so by now you must be onboard the VR experience (if you weren’t earlier). Let’s talk about the amount of cash you need to spill to bring Virtual Reality to your home. Prices of these headsets have been falling and are expected to reduce even further, and this might make VR more accessible for people in 2016. Facebook funded Oculus will be launching its Rift VR this month for around $600. It will join Samsung Gear VR and other similar products available in the market.

So, where do we stand say a couple of years from now when VR will have grown substantially?

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To say that the television viewership will decrease significantly and that conventional video gaming will meet a sad demise is not far-fetched. Once Virtual Reality gains dominance over other means of entertainment, the use of mobiles and tablets for gaming and video viewing purposes will also come crashing down. As a result, app developers will pick up pace to create an increasing number of apps for VR headsets to meet the burgeoning demand.

Let’s raise a toast to the future (virtual)!

(Disclaimer: This is a guest post submitted on Techstory by Bishal Lachhiramka, CEO and co-founder, Ameyo. All the contents and images in the article have been provided to Techstory by the authors of the article. Techstory is not responsible or liable for any content in this article.)