Mumbai's power cut

Reports claim Mumbai’s power cut to be a work of hackers

Mumbai’s power cut last month is now being said to be the work of hackers. The power cut happened on 12th October and lasted for almost an entire day. The Mumbai police cyber cell security founded that on the investigation, they found suspicious logins and are further looking into the matter. They even speculate that this could be an attempt to disrupt Mumbai’s power grid.

The Police also informed that the logins they found were mostly Asian originating from Singapore. When the power was out, stock exchanges, medical facilities and many more things were at risk. So, this attempt might have been to break down India’s financial capital. Now, the police are just trying to figure out what kind of attack it was and by whom.

More details on Mumbai’s power cut

The reports from the Mumbai police said that Mumbai’s power cut might have been a “state-sponsored attack”. This brings 4 groups under suspicion Mission 2025, the infamous Lazarus group, Stone Panda, and Apt26. There has been no data on which one could base the conclusion that the attack was from any of these groups or someone else. And also to note that this wasn’t the first attempt at sabotaging Mumbai’s power grid, it has actually been going on from February.

Mumbai's power cut
Image Source: The Economic Times

Even the Energy minister Nitin Raut said to the media that this could be an attack. Because after the Kharagpur unit stopped, the islanding failure was very odd and was a big coincidence. Even a few months back, Jammu and Kashmir power dep data centres were compromised. It was left in an unusable state, and the hackers encrypted all their data. Based on the data we have, the hackers compromised 4 servers or more before they were locked out.

With everything becoming digitised, wars have also started to happen in a new way. Countries are always trying to keep their security tight, but hackers always find a way. And India is not the only the country facing this issue, even the US and Canada have its hands full with such attacks. While the former has mentioned China as a threat to its security, the latter has named both China and Russia.

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