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Reports say a new Oneplus 9E might launch alongside the Oneplus 9 series in 2021

From being a flagship killer when the company debuted, Oneplus has transformed and has been launching proper flagship devices now. The company has also given up on the idea of launching just 1 or 2 devices a year, and in 2020 it has already announced 6 models in both budget and high-end segment. As of now, we mainly have three lineups by the company the flagship pro and non-pro Oneplus, the mid-range Nord and the budget N series. And now we might see another new ‘E’ lineup by the company in the form of the Oneplus 9E.

OnePlus 9E launch

Leaks from Max Jambor suggest that the OnePlus 9E is going to launch alongside the OnePlus 9 series in March 2021. This means that the brand will release three phones this year to compete with the S21 lineup by Samsung. The OnePlus 9E is probably going to be the cheapest of the bunch and will fill the large void between the Nord and the OnePlus 9. There is no information about the specifications of the device or any hint about its price.

OnePlus 9E

Image Source: Android Authority

Though, for the OnePlus 9 and the 9 pros, we can confirm that the device will have the Snapdragon 875 chipset, better cameras, IP rating, wireless charging and more. It is very likely possible that the OnePlus 9E might be more like an OnePlus 8t with few downsides and few pros. We can predict that it will also have the flagship Snapdragon 875 chipset, but OnePlus might also use the 865 chipsets if they price the device considerably lower.

Why is OnePlus launching so many devices now?

When OnePlus came back in 2014, the main idea of the brand was to give the highest specs at the lowest price possible, and it delivered on that, making it appealing for the tech enthusiasts. We know that the brand grew a lot from word of mouth and positive online presence. But, now in 2020, it is not the same company anymore. Leadership has changed, and so has the company’s ideologies.

OnePlus phones

Image Source: Android Authority

This doesn’t mean that OnePlus is no longer making good phones. But it means that they are no longer targeting a niche audience, and want a piece of the market at every price. And hence slowly they are announcing new lineups.

For example, the recently launched ‘N’ series targeted the budget range, the ‘Nord’ targeted the mid-range and the regular OnePlus ‘pro’, and ‘no pro’ devices target the Upper-range segment. And now with the OnePlus 9E, the company is filling the void in the upper mid-range market where they don’t have any offerings.

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