Retail Giant Newegg confirms Shiba Inu payment option

Retail Giant Newegg confirms the Shiba Inu payment option as the popularity of the meme coins continues to rise. AMC theatres have also announced recently that they plan to accept the coin as a payment method. And following their footstep, Newegg also plans to add it. They already accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method by partnering with Bitpay and will also add SHIB soon. This can help in more adoption and price increase of the meme coin.

Newegg adding SHIB support

Newegg is a tech-focused retail giant, which makes it obvious why they are exploring new technologies. Their audience is bound to be tech-focused and can make use of these new payment options. They are currently present in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East. The primary focus is on PC parts, laptops, office supplies, gaming systems, and automotive parts.

As of now, they are already accepting popular currencies like Bitcoin, Litcoin, and even Dogecoin. So, it is good for Shiba Inu to have their presence on the platform. The idea of adding such payment options is beneficial for both the company and the token. Newegg gets free publicity and the attention of the SHIB community because of the same, and more people hear about the token as well.

RetaIl Giant Newegg confirms Shiba Inu payment option

SHIB is seeing adoption

Shiba Inu’s latest price increase has brought the meme token to the limelight. It is not that people didn’t know about it, but the kind of attraction it is seeing right now is unmatched. The latest price jump, volume, and demand have made many exchanges list it on their platform. One good example of this is Gemini. And then we have the petition that received over 500k signatures just for getting SHIB listed on Robinhood.

AMC theatres have also announced that they are going to be the first company to accept it as payment in the next 2-4 months. And now more companies are following on the same footstep as everyone wants to take full advantage of the hype.

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