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RIL’s JioGenNext has reportedly incubated and aided 170 startups
Moreover, in do so, it has raised more than Rs. 2600 crore

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RIL’s JioGenNext has reportedly incubated and aided 170 startups, raising funds of more than Rs 2,600 crore.
Source: Times Now News

Reports show JioGenNext, the startup incubator program from RIL- Reliance Industries Limited has provided support to about 170 startups since the year 2014. In doing so, it has reportedly raised way more than Rs, 2,600 in early stage venture capital since its initiation.

The company presented its annual financial report from the from 2021 to 202 on August 8. It stated how about 12,153 applications in number from startups and entrepreneurs had gone to the project. Further, they had been successful in raising more than Rs. 2,6000 crore as capital.

Founded by Mukesh Ambani with the aiming providing early assistance to startups, JioGenNext counts its mentor as the notable management members of the company. These include, Rohit Bansal, B. Srinivasan, along with Shailesh Kumar. Additionally, others are the founders of startups that RI backed- Harsh Shah, Aakrit Vaish, Arvind Pani. The report specified how the program has emerged as a crucial boost in the entrepreneurial network. It had provided assistance in various such startups to get to the point where they can launch it in their system.

Further contributions from the network:

In the last financial year, the programme gone on to launch its program from last year – Market Access Program. This was in collaboration with ad much as eleven strong emerging startups- Atom, Aarca Research, Bigthinx, IBoson Innovations, Janitri, niroggyan, Navana, Farmonaut, Farm, Wakaw, along with Vidcare.

This Market Access programme works in what looks like a yearly cohort set up. This includes the businessmen getting acceptances on the basis all through the rolling year. Till now, the initiative has contributed in to conduction of sixteen cohorts. Moreover, they have a team of 90 mentors, along with 30 corporate partners. This report specified how with this particular venture, the program JioGenNext is targeting to make its value add to the startups, finally coming forward to develop another winning report at home.

This part of the program mainly puts its emphasis on linking founders in Reliance and Jio atmosphere. Further, it aids startups on coming along with commodities, easy market situation, recruiting marketing and funding, as well as s product that is fit for the holding. Notably, these are all connected to the total phenomenon.

In 2021, the company had reportedly collaborated with an Israel Innovation Authority. Along with them, had seen OurCrowd Yissum, along with Ben Guron University to facilitate better exposure for quicker access to global innovations.



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