Robert Kiyosaki says, "Fed rate hikes will crash stocks"

Robert Kiyosaki predicts stock and crypto market crash in October

The author of the book “Rich dad poor dad”, Robert Kiyosaki, predicts a “giant stock market crash” in October. While the primary prediction is about a giant correction in the stock market but there is a chance that Bitcoin might crash as well. So, if that happens, be well prepared with cash to average your holdings because I would not recommend selling based on a prediction. More often than not, Robert’s prediction of the market has been on point, so it is better to be prepared.

What did Robert say?

Robert Kiyosaki predicts stock and crypto market crash

As Robert Kiyosaki predicts stock and crypto market crash, he said that even gold, silver and BTC could also go down. Even though the crypto market is down, the stock market definitely seems in a bubble with every rising price and non-stop rally. There has to be some kind of correction for healthy price action. Kiyosaki himself said that the main reason for this is the short T-bills with the fed and treasury.

It is important to note that Robert also said that he plans not to sell his gold, silver and Bitcoin for the crash. This is obvious as the markets are not very predictable, but stocks seem to be in a bubble now and are very dangerous. He said that this wouldn’t be something minor, and the most significant crash could be coming anytime soon. And this is the reason it is more important than ever to buy more crypto, gold and silver.  Robert also pointed out his distrust of the leaders, which is why he invests in them.

About China crackdown

Robert said that has China has been testing out its digital coin, the US might also follow. If that happens, the freedom of the people will be over as BTC could be made illegal, and CBDCs will be the only crypto in the market. Yes, the US has still not made the decision to enter the CBDC space, but it is important to note that it’s not all bad. China’s crackdown is an opportunity for the US to take significant strides in the crypto space.

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