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Robert Kiyosaki recommends investing in Bitcoin and Silver

The author of the book “Rich dad poor dad”, Robert Kiyosaki, has always been positive about Bitcoin and recommends investing in it. Previously, he said that Bitcoin does have a huge potential, and it is important as he doesn’t trust the authorities. He knows that they are not going to stop printing money, and Bitcoin with gold and silver will be the best bets against inflation. In fact, after BTC touched $50k again, he tweeted out saying that “Bitcoin has the greatest upside.” while comparing to Gold and Silver. He also recommended silver because it’s almost 50% lower than its all-time high.

Robert on crypto and inflation

We all have seen that governments print money at their own convenience doing whatever they want. But whom does it affect? the masses. The fact that people have to do something extra (like invest) to preserve the value of their money is actually a problem. This is because those who understand all the technicalities could easily beat inflation, but for those who don’t, it becomes a big problem. Even Robert Kiyosaki said that the reason he went into crypto investments is because of his distrust in the leaders, the Fed, Treasury, and the stock market.

Robert Kiyosaki recommends investing in Bitcoin
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This is also the reason many retailers and small investors are getting into crypto. In fact, COVID has pushed inflation rates higher as the governments have printed more money and plan to in the future. And according to Robert Kiyosaki, the environment we are in right now will be the most suitable for the growth of Bitcoin. Robert has been talking about the upsides of crypto, especially Bitcoin, for quite a while now. He is also one of the biggest influencers who have urged the retailers to buy the dip when the price of Bitcoin fell below $40k. So, it makes sense that he thinks that Bitcoin has the biggest upside potential. His statements clearly suggest that inflation is not going anywhere as the plans or printing more money for development keeps piling up.

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