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Rumoured Playstation Plus free games for December 2021

December should be a great month for PlayStation Plus subscribers, With a PS5 game available in December alongside two PS4 titles. Here’s everything you need to know about the December 2021 PlayStation Plus games, lineup, and when they’ll be available.

Playstation Plus December

Credit @ PlayStation

According to French website Dealabs user Bill Bill-Coon, PS Plus subscribers can get three games as part of their December membership. The rumored line-up will include the Lego DC Super-Villains and Mortal Shell for PS4 as well as Godfall Challenger Edition for PS4 and PS5. These games are only available to gamers who are PS Plus subscribers. From December 7, 2021, you can download these games for PS5 and PS4 with a valid subscription.

Games may be announced on November 29th or 30th, as Sony sometimes pulled back the curtain on Monday and Tuesday, but that’s more of a rarity than the norm. We know the November Games will run until December 6, which means the opening will take place on December 1, not November 24. We know this is actually December, but PlayStation always announces games for the next few months a week in advance of their release. Sony almost always releases new games for PlayStation Plus on the first Tuesday of the month, which in this case is December 7th.

Godfall is a title for the PS5 console that subsequently made its way to PS4 in August 2021. Obviously, it can be limited to the PS4 version of the game – the next-generation update came out in March, although this may change in the announcement from Sony next week. It’s worth noting that Mortal Shell has a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 for the Enhanced Edition, but it’s currently unclear if the PS Plus version will offer that.

Playstation Plus December

Credit @ PlayStation

Finally, the super-powered Lego DC Super-Villain Block Adventure completes the free PS Plus lineup in December. Lego DC Super-Villain (PS4)-If the leak is correct, the last game will be Lego DC Super-Villain, a game full of iconic villains. Fortunately, the leak revealed all the games included in the online subscription. There is a huge chance that PlayStation could make the game available to PS Plus subscribers as the game is not yet available for pre-orders.

For now, PlayStation Plus subscribers can download PS Plus Free Games for November 2021 until they wait for the next PS Plus Free Games released in December 2021. The next batch of free PS Plus games will not be available until December 7th – mainly due to the fact that the first Wednesday of the month is December 1, and PlayStation doesn’t seem to want to release its PS Plus games anytime soon. There is still time to claim these PS Plus games, but the month is drawing to a close. The selection of free PSVR games last month was pushed back with the PS Plus offerings in December 2021 to continue celebrating PSVR’s fifth anniversary.

Playstation Plus December

Credit @ LEGO

Traditionally, PlayStation provides us with at least one PS5 game and two PS4 games. Here you can find games currently available on PS Plus and download them as needed. This could mean that Sony will use a small loophole to get its first-day release this month and thus keep its promise to keep adding these new games to the list. I also think Dead By Daylight can make its way to PS Plus as it will be available for free on the Epic Games Store for a week, Many of those who played the starter PS5 are not at all alike.

With the Playstation Plus sales plan to be held on Black Friday, players will be able to play Celestial Friends and enjoy hundreds of dollars of games that Playstation will provide next year. Looking back on past trends, Playstation Plus subscribers believe that Celestial Body can also be the next PS5 game that subscribers can download for free on December 7.




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