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SaaS startup Quintype raises Rs 25 crores in Series A funding

Content has a great power to help people earn money. If one can provide value with their content, then it will be accepted by the audience. SaaS startup Quintype offers a platform for content creators to create and distribute monetised content.

Recently, the startup managed to raise Rs 25 crores in a Series A funding. IIFL AMC was the investor in the Series A funding.

How is the investment going to help Quintype?

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The company aims to expand its business and reach using the investment it has gone. The idea of the platform is to manage all technical aspects of managing content online. Therefore, the creators can focus primarily on creating great content. It is also focusing on using the funding to increase its publishers and thus bring in more users.

How has COVID-19 helped boost the platform?

SaaS startup Quintype

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COVID-19 has been a devil for many and an angel for some. Many startups have used to opportunity to create products that resonate well with the audience during the time of the pandemic. It is no different with the SaaS startup Quintype. Chirdeeep Shetty, CEO of Quintype, said:

“Media companies and content creators across the world are moving towards a digital-first strategy and the current pandemic situation has only accelerated that shift.”

He also added, “The team at Quintype has been focused on creating some of the best products for publishers. And this will help us provide better support and expand our offerings to publishers globally. We do all the heavy lifting on the technology-end so that publishers can focus on creating the best content for their audience.”

What’s the next step for the company?

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According to one of the investors Prashasta Seth, Senior Managing Partner of IIFL AMC, said, “Quintype, with its suite of products, is set to accelerate the growth in digital content and publishing space. So, it enables more content creators to go digital easily and gives them the freedom to distribute, scale-up, and monetise their content using an intuitive product with hundreds of built-in features,”

Let’s see how well the company uses the funding to expand its business and brings in more publishers. Online content consumption has become the new norm nowadays. Therefore, I am pretty optimistic about the growth of the SaaS startup Quintype.

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