Safemoon tries to create hype

Safemoon beta wallet could be the next big thing!

SafeMoon became very popular after a person made $420k by investing just $6 in it for 42 days. After that, the craze for the currency went somewhat cold. But now again Twitter is trending with Safemoon as the developers are soon releasing their own beta wallet. You can also signup for the same as testing starts tomorrow on 15th June. This beta testing is also a move towards the SafeMoon exchange that the developers are planning to build by the last quarter of 2021.

Twitter got crazy over SafeMoon!

Safemoon beta wallet

To all those who have been wondering why a beta wallet app is getting so much attention it’s because of what comes with it (the features). Those who are holding the coins are expecting good returns from their coins. And it is clear that the SafeMoon wallet will bring in new users and existing users will also use it. This is going to push the price higher and a 2-3x is very likely. This is also a very important part of its goals for 2021.

The Safemoon team also has plans to build a NFT exchange, integrate with video games, do more charity and also work with more exchanges. And for all this one important thing is their own wallet. Yes, things will work without that too, but having it is better.

Features of Safemoon wallet

SafeMoon wallet could be one of the best crypto wallets we have seen. Its look feels very user-friendly and it also has a contacts feature to send them crypto using the same wallet. The wallet also has tokenomics integrated into it for live prices. There will also be various themes and also a crypto converter for anyone wanting to exchange their coins for something else. And yes it also has a calculator.

What are your thoughts on the hype around the SafeMoon beta wallet? And are you going to signup for the same tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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