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‘Safemoon Squeeze’ Makes It To The Trending List On Twitter Following A Reddit Post

Twitter has witnessed yet another term in the trending list as ‘Safemoon Squeeze’ makes it to the top. At present, it is trending 11th in the U.S on Twitter. Although the crypto world is not a stranger to trending lists and memes, the sudden surge of interest in Safemoon can be traced back to an attempt on the part of the users to increase the value. And the frenzy has begun and with the Safemoon enthusiasts unleashing their enthusiasm on tweets, the Twitter town has yet another topic to shine the spotlight on.

The When, How, and Where

Although the details regarding a central figure behind the trend are quite vague, the compass points towards a forum post on Reddit published on Sunday which claims to be an “official announcement” stating that the “SafeMoon Squeeze has begun.” Despite the authenticity of the post being questionable, it has worked magic for Safemoon rocketing it to the top trending lists on Twitter.

In an environment where the climate is rather unfavorable for crypto with a massive fall in prices, this post and the subsequent responses have come as a lifesaver for Safemoon. This is quite evident from the fact that the token which saw a fall in the course of the past few days has witnessed a considerable rise following the post. This once again underscores the influence of social media on cryptocurrency for we are no strangers to the fact that a single tweet from the Tesla CEO can bring the sky crashing down on the crypto world or take it to the top.

SafeMoon made its entry to the crypto market late in March this year presenting an alternative and a formidable competent for Bitcoin. And it cannot be denied that it has gained popularity in such a short time implying its potential to change the course of the crypto market for the better or for worse.

Trending and Mending

Cryptocurrency is well known for its uncertainty and the past few days have been proof of that with the prices falling beyond what was expected, with the hearts of the holders falling as well. And it seems like SafeMoon has gotten a gateway to play safely in these uncertain times with a single post. Whether it will be for the better or worse is something that is hard to conclude at this point since price fluctuations are still present despite the currency making it to the trending list. Let’s hope that the squeeze helps it to mend the broken roads and hence, helps it to actually reach the top. Whether the ‘squeeze’ will prove to be a gamechanger will depend on how the users pump it.

Here are a set of reactions and responses from Twitter that has rocketed SafeMoon to the trending list.

Seems like the community has taken it to their hands to play out the power of SafeMoon, and their determination cannot be curtailed. Only time will tell if the squeeze will prove to be a breeze of change or a crease of fate.



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