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The virtual currency industry has managed to take over the entire global payment system lately and has been more than successful in attracting potential investors from all across the world. Not just that, the crypto industry has been able to mark its presence globally and make a name for itself in the international marketplace, while having a surge in its overall growth and popularity recently, thus helping it to reach greater heights!

Having said that, I believe, most of you are already familiar with the basics of the industry but, if for some reason that’s still not the case, let me help you with that first.

To begin with, cryptocurrency as the name suggests is nothing but simply a form of virtual or online currency which just like the physical form of money can be made use of for a variety of purposes including the purchase and sale of goods and services as well as for the purpose of trade and exchange over crypto exchanges available online.

In other words, the crypto industry is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology for all its operations as well as for recording and verifying all the transactions that happen over the network in order to completely eliminate the so-called risk of double spending and counterfeiting.

Also, being decentralized, the crypto world is more than capable of stepping outside the overall control and jurisdiction of central authorities and can work freely without any unnecessary government interference as well.

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Though the industry has been around for a long time now, some of you might not be aware of its journey. When the industry was first introduced in the global marketplace, there were not many people looking to be a part of it as they had a lot of doubts concerning the safety of their money and the return they could expect from their investments.


On the contrary, the cryptocurrency industry that we know today is booming like anything and has an entire pool of currencies for investors to pick from, with newer ones coming in with each passing day and numerous new investors joining in every hour.

Now that we have established as to how big a success is the crypto industry, it is worth noting that, some of the major contributing factors for this extraordinary success includes its portability, ease of use, the convenience it offers, its intuitive nature, uncertainty as well as high-profit margins of course.

You should probably be aware of the fact that being volatile, the overall price fluctuations in the crypto world are almost instant, thus making it even more difficult for you to predict the changes. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that, if the industry is providing you with an opportunity to earn huge profits and make quick money, if not done right, you could also end up having significant losses as well.

Not just that, as per the chatter amongst some of the leading experts on the field, it has come to our notice that, crypto is rapidly progressing towards completely revolutionizing the global payment system and from where I stand, it looks like it has already started to do so as many merchants and businesses have started accepting crypto as an official mode of payment from their customers.

Now that you have a brief backstory about the crypto world, you will be able to have a much better understanding of what we have with us today, Saitama Inu. To know more, I suggest you read further!

Everything to know about Saitama Inu (SAITAMA)

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Saitama Inu or as commonly referred to as SAITAMA is nothing but a community-driven token or simply a platform that is known to be wanting to develop solutions in order to educate the next generation of investors and make crypto safe and simple for everyone out there. In other words, Saitama is a community promoted and managed token, where a certain percentage of each and every transaction over the platform is said to be redistributed amongst holders.

As per the platform’s whitepaper, Saitama is said to focus on Gen Z investors, out of which about 93 percent are known to feel frustrated or confused when it comes to financing. Therefore, Saitama’s vision is to simply provide them with content that is useful in teaching them as to how money works while they invest, thus opening opportunities for wealth creation.

For some of you wondering, how is Saitama able to do this and more? Allow me a chance to explain. In order to achieve this, the platform plans to develop its very own ecosystem which is known to include a smart wallet, a marketplace, a multi-channel content platform as well as an NFT (non-fungible token) based launchpad platform.

Before moving on any further, it is worth noting that, as seen in the case of most meme coins, the founder of Saitama is also anonymous. However, the creator of the platform launched it in May last year but, as mentioned, they had to renounce the ownership of the project due to some personal reasons, which is why a group of individuals that found its goal to be somewhat valuable and impactful took over the said project and continued developing it.

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As of today, Saitama Inu is headed by Steve@RocketCrypto, a cryptocurrency-based YouTuber with over 56,000 subscribers. Also, SAITAMA is known to be the native utility token of Saitama Inu, which as a matter of fact, can be used for a variety of purposes on the platform itself. On a similar note, the SAITAMA token is an Ethereum based token, which means that all of its transactions are recorded on the popular Ethereum blockchain ledger.

As mentioned, the goal of the platform is to simply make financial well-being accessible to all and it plans to do this by its token’s gains as well as by educating the next generation of investors on virtual currencies. In addition to this, the operations of Saitama Inu are more or less similar to what we see in most of its pupcoin peers.

Furthermore, Saitama is a deflationary token, which means that it is bound to have a capped total supply and it is known to lower the overall supply systematically with the help of token burns. Speaking of supplies, SAITAMA has a total supply of about a hundred quadrillion, which is over a hundred times greater than that of the very popular Shiba Inu, which itself has been long criticized for its huge supply.

Apart from this, the network is known to take about a four percent fee on every transaction, half of which goes to a burn address in order to permanently remove those tokens from circulation. Not just that, the other half is redistributed amongst the wallets of all SAITAMA holders as talked about earlier.

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What makes Saitama special?

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Unlike what we usually see in a majority of other meme coins, Saitama promises to be able to feature a complete ecosystem that is known to give its token real value. Also, its SaitaMask wallet, which is said to launch by the end of September this year, is a smart wallet that makes crypto easy for any level of investor and is known to allow investors to simply keep track of their investments.

Moreover, this will also help in connecting the users to an educational platform, the NFT store as well as the marketplace. Moving further, SaitaMarket is a marketplace that is known to allow community members to buy goods as well as services, presumably merchandising. Apart from this, SaitaMaker will be a non-fungible token-based launchpad platform that will be able to support users in the community in order to create and launch projects based on SAITAMA.

On the other hand, the Saitama Edutainment platform is said to be a multi-channel content platform with several content formats that simply educate on how to invest, save, manage money as well as create wealth opportunities while entertaining the audience as mentioned earlier.

All of this is simply done by keeping Gen Z as the target audience in mind as Saitama is looking to set itself apart from other projects in the marketplace by having a content at the core of its business. Other than developing proprietary content, Saitama Inu plans on having a community-operated business under the hashtag #SaitaEdu, where content creators all across the globe can profit from sharing their knowledge and talent about finance.

Now that we have talked much about Saitama, some of you must be wondering, whether or not it is a good idea to invest in the platform? If that’s the case, then let’s find out, shall we?

Investing in Saitama Inu (SAITAMA)


As of today, the price of Saitama is about 0.000000025897 US dollars with a twenty-four-hour trading volume of 23,907,949. Not just that, in just the past twenty-four hours, the value of Saitama has been down by 10.16 percent.

Also, with the current market cap and the current circulating supply of the token not yet available, SAITAMA is currently placed at #2845 position as per the CoinMarketCap rankings. Also, the maximum lifetime supply of the token is 100,000,000,000,000,000 SAITAMA coins. In just the past week alone, the price of the platform has fallen by 3.10percent.

Reading so far, you must have gotten a fair understanding of the platform and by now, you should be able to figure out on your own whether or not investing in Saitama is the right thing for you to do. Seeing what it has to offer when combined with its performance in the recent past as well as its plans for the near future, I certainly believe that Saitama can prove to be a profitable investment in the near future, which is likely to provide you with higher returns and it is a possibility that your current investment may increase in value. But again, nothing can be said or sure!

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If still not convinced, see it this way that, if say you buy Saitama worth a hundred dollars today, you will receive nearly 3944773176 SAITAMA. According to the analysis done by experts on the field, after five years of your investment, the return is expected to be about +2008 percent and thus, your current hundred-dollar investment will be nearly 2108 US dollars in 2027.

As mentioned at the very beginning, crypto is a highly volatile marketplace and is extremely uncertain. Thus, It is very important for you to understand the fact that just like any other currency in the crypto marketplace, Saitama Inu does have its own risks as well and you should invest only if you are willing to take those risks and bear any and all losses if at all necessary.

If you are wondering, where can you buy Saitama? Let me help you with that. Currently, Saitama is available on all major crypto exchanges but, some of the popular exchanges that have SAITAMA listed on them include, LBank, BitMart, MEXC as well as XT.COM to name a few.  

In conclusion, what are your thoughts on Saitama Inu? Do let us know in the comments area below. To know more about various cryptocurrencies, do check out other articles we have on our website. Thank you for your time & if you found our content informative, do share it with your investor friends!

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