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Samsung’s next-gen SmartTag+ Bluetooth Tracker is now available for Pre-orders


Source: GSMArena.com

Samsung is one of the biggest technology companies out there in the industry today and it is always introducing new innovative products for users across the globe. If you correctly remember, back in January during a Samsung event, the company quietly announced the release of its Bluetooth tracking device, something similar to Tile Bluetooth tracking dongles. But, since that announcement about Samsung’s SmartTag, the company has been silent and we wouldn’t exactly blame the users for forgetting about the same when there is so much going on in the technology industry and especially with the COVID-19 situation. Anyhow, Samsung kept up with the promise and was offering its SmartTag with the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones.

Having said that, Samsung has finally announced that an upgraded version called the ‘SmartTag+’ is now available for pre-order for a price tag of USD 40 ahead of 12th April 2021. Anyhow, this is an upgraded model to the regular SmartTag which is retailing for a much lower price of USD 24 on Amazon.com.

Bluetooth trackers are small devices that can be chipped in as an extra in your wallet, attached to your keys or even slipping one in your bag is not a bad option, the purpose that these trackers solve is that it will let you use your Samsung smartphones to track these chips using Bluetooth. So basically, no more worrying about where you left your keys or wallet or anything at all, just open your smartphones and track those devices. It is as simple as that, a great invention and something similar to what Tile trackers already offers.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, the extras that the ‘plus’ adds to the next-gen SmartTag+ is support for Ultra-Wideband and a short-range wireless communication technology that works more efficiently than Bluetooth by using higher frequencies which together makes tracking the location of a device much accurate, down to the point. The report also mentions that the SmartTag+ leverages Augmented Reality to offer an AR Map that guides you to your tracking device, probably the lost item.

Samsung SmartTag+ is offering better functionality and feature set than the competition that is Tile tracking modems and as speculations suggest, Apple is also working on their version of Bluetooth tracking devices which are reportedly called ‘AirTags’. Well, Apple AirTags has been a known name for quite some time now and there is still no confirmation on whether Apple will release this product or not.

Samsung, on the other hand, is ahead of its game with its SmartTag+ Bluetooth trackers and for all Galaxy fans out there, the company is also speculated to launch a Bixby-powered smart speaker very soon.



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