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Scarlet Nexus Review : A Slick Anime Adventure

Scarlet Nexus ReviewScarlet Nexus is a Saturday morning anime in game form and while it might be difficult to keep your attention from the perspective of history, it’s a good way to lose 30 hours of fun with the combat system. While I enjoyed surfing through giant monsters and slapping them in the face with vending machines, Scarlet Nexus underscores my personal investment in seeing through it without drifting into minor annoyances like the fine item menus and an erratic camera that build up over the hours. I dug out the fight, the look of the world, and the crunch fights on the edge of my seat, which increased the likelihood that I would have to drag myself to the end of the game because I was captivated by his story.

It is characterized by its cosmopolitan nature, great music, and rock-solid performance on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. It’s not new, but it doesn’t screw up the basics and should appeal to Xbox fans looking for an anime solution. Let me say it again, for the most part, it’s not without its problems, some of which will rust more if you don’t buy into storytelling and stick to the improved combat mechanics.

For those unfamiliar with the Sci-Fi action RPG Scarlet Nexus sci-fi anime, the game received positive reviews from critics who cited its relatable characters, captivating storyline, and deep combat system as a plus. With well-thought-out action matches, charming characters, and an interesting setting, Scarlet Nexus is an action role-playing game that fans should not miss.

While some anime action games feel more like role-playing games with roots in the Tales series, there are many more action-oriented games like God Eater and Freedom Wars that fall into the same category as the next generation Scarlet Nexus.

The last few years have been a golden year for fans of Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) with several Final Fantasy and Yakuza games such as NieR achieving mainstream success on the back of countless fine efforts that could not escape the JRPG niche.

Scarlet Nexus ReviewJRPGs can be a little strange for casual gamers but Scarlet Nexus avoids such potential pitfalls with turn-based battles and action-packed battles reminiscent of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. There are also a plethora of side missions, the vast majority of which fall into the Hole Mission category, ranging from killing to looking for any number of items. However, it does not allow us to connect with the everyday characters it uses to ground its cityscape, which is an unfortunate miss opportunity, and one that reduces secondary activities to a series of goals to accumulate XP for your protagonist, even though its leveling system is fun and some missions can be related to humans.

Scarlet Nexus Review

The real-time combat system of Scarlet Nexus is smooth and stylish and allows you to felt monsters, cars, bikes, and dumpsters with telekinetic skills. Scarlet Nexus is great fun and offers its experimental and diverse combat system, a flood of skills, attacks, counters, and mishmash in a satisfactory result. The different experiences interweave, and it is only when you reveal the whole story and reveal the secret of the future of brain punks that technology and psychic abilities catch up with you in Scarlet Nexus kinetic and psychic battle With psychic and kinetic abilities in the world around you becomes your greatest weapon.


The game does not spend hours finishing fights and completing repetitive quests and storylines. Yuito and Kasane pass the same areas and fight the same other bosses, but they are indifferent squads and in different visual sequences.

The story is entertaining, with a decent cast of characters and an interesting if the somewhat tropical narrative. The plot is a little easier than I would have hoped, but it is still entertaining and unique in this respect. The game is billed as an action role-playing game, and its key personnel has been involved in past storylines of the series, but that’s not what this game is about.

The game’s biggest drawback lies elsewhere. The long cutscenes and dialogue make up a considerable portion of the game time and if you are the type of player who listens impatiently as characters ask endless questions about successive color-coated mysteries, you will be frustrated if the battle limits the talk. Apart from faulty gameplay, there is a lack of such simple construction principles, not to mention characters that do not turn off nearby resources, spells, or abilities that can be activated to deal with nearby enemies.

Scarlet Nexus ReviewTo conclude I would say Scarlet Nexus is one of the best anime-style video games made by Bandai Namco with a great story full of plot twists and a robust, varied, and spectacular combat system. It may not bring about a revolution, but it manages to reinforce its strengths through dynamic and entertaining gameplay, a cast of well-developed characters, and a deep and mature story flavored with a unique artistic style. There are some gameplay hiccups when using the system, but Scarlet Nexus has enough exciting battles and brain-twisting history to find its audience and provide great fun for everyone, even if it’s an acquired taste.



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