Sensara Gets Investment Of $750k From Lalitesh Katragadda Former Google India Head And Ganayantrika Systems


6 January, 2016, Bangalore: Taking technology to a next level, Sensara a Bangalore based tech start-up has managed to gain interest of former Google India Head, Lalitesh Katragadda and Ganayantrika Systems. The company has raised US $750K funding from Lalitesh and Ganayantrika in its recent round of funding.

According to the statement released by the company, Lalitesh and Anant Pandit, Director, Ganayantrika will become the new board members of Sensara. It was founded by Bharath Kumar Mohan, former Google employee. He developed this platform to help the users in converting their smart phones into a television remote.

Sensy (a mobile app of Sensara) allows user’s mobile to command their TV, and their TV to command their mobile. Truly pairing them together, and bringing two of modern mankind’s true companions closer. User needs to install the company’s app into their mobile to access the service.

Commenting on the on the investment, Bharat Kumar Mohan, founder and CEO, Sensara opined, “Only a few investors in India can understand the kind of breakthroughs we’ve achieved at Sensara. We’ve started aggregating them. India has 150 million set-top boxes and 150 million smartphones, but the two do not acknowledge each other. We’ve declared war on that old remote in your living room.”