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Serious Sam Game Is Coming Later This Month

According to the sources, the new Serious Sam Game will be officially announced next week and will be released later this month. Fans took to Twitter to express their admiration for the upcoming game, with many hoping it would be a step up from Hero Sam 4. Publisher Devolver Digital posted a trailer for the new game’s hero Sam on their Twitter account, naively asking “what if,” they announced the game the following week and released it in January.

Serious Sam Game

Credit @ Devolver Digital

The trailer shared again by Devolver shows Sam Stone bouncing off a steel buoy in an icy ocean in a small boat (not too hot due to the driver’s shirt on). The trailer that accompanies the announcement seems to transport us to an icy environment where we can see Sam ascending the zodiac. Devolver Digital released this video 3 weeks ago without any information and it was considered DLC. No other information was published along with it, only now do we know the new release date of the game. The post notes that this is a brand new game with an official announcement expected next week and will also be released this month. The dev team appears to be gearing up for a new release in the franchise given by a new teaser video about something new. Devolver has released a trailer for the game to keep fans excited about the upcoming VR experience.

The news came when game developer Croteam and independent publisher Devolver Digital announced the August release window for the upcoming shooter. Publisher Devolver Digital revealed that the announcement of the new game in the top-notch FPS franchise will arrive next week, and the game, in whatever form it takes, will launch before the end of January. The all-new Severe Sam game looks to be on the way, and it may arrive sooner than you can count on it. The all-new Critical Sam game looks to be on the way and may arrive sooner than you can count on it. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot of screaming headless children with bombs. This is unlikely given the recent release of Chapter 4, so we can present the sequel as a standalone game or spin-off, as we’ve seen in the series.

Throughout the game, players will also encounter non-player characters (NPCs). The game begins with Serious Sam being summoned to the Great Syrian Council, where the Council advises him on how to achieve his goal of defeating Mental. Sam answers and confesses his “sins” to Mental for killing his troops. Sam is also able to get upgrades for its Battlecruiser Saratoga gear with the in-game currency. As in Mesoamerica, Sam makes his way through temples and villages to find him. Many of its levels are just huge open arenas, most of which are free of monsters, and the extended cast and narrative are awkward and out of place. I’ve been a Serious Sam fan for a long time, but the latest game in the series, Serious Sam 4, didn’t suit me as well as I expected.

Hope Croteam can use what he learned from the hero Sam 4 to make the upcoming game meet the expectations of fans. As part of the exclusive deal with Stadia, Hero Sam 4 was limited to the service at launch, Xbox and PlayStation players had to wait longer. At the time of release, the standard version of Hero Sam 4 was priced at $39.99 or £30.99 on Steam. This single market keeps games old and new highly valued in Stadia’s ever-expanding library. Google announced last month that 120 games are expected to appear on Stadia this year.



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