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Amazon’s Fallout TV Series Goes Into Production This Year

Fallout Amazon TV series gets Westworld Director and production Begins. Jonathan Nolan will direct the TV adaptation of Fallout from Prime Videos featuring Lisa Joyce, Kilter Films, and showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dvoret and Graham Wagner. Jonathan Nolan will also be directing the pilot episode of the upcoming Fallout TV series. Nolan will also executive produce this yet to be officially titled Fallout series, along with Lisa Joy and Athena Wickham from Kilter Films. Helping to bring Fallout from console to the series will be Geneva Robertson-Dvoret, co-writer of the 2018 Captain Marvel and Tomb Raider films, and Graham Wagner, co-executive producer of Silicon Valley and Baskets, who will be the showrunner for the series.

Fallout Tv Series

Credit @ Bethesda

Fallout, based on the popular video game series, will begin production this year. For those unfamiliar with it, Fallout is a time-honored video game series set in a post-apocalyptic alternate future where the Cold War between China and the United States heats up which causes the whole world to go down into a nuclear winter. The Fallout PC game is a dystopian role-playing game set in an alternate future inspired by 1950s post-war American symbols.

Bethesda was privileged to create the game series in 2004 and released Fallout 3 in 2008. The last main game, Fallout 4, was released in 2015, and the multiplayer side project Fallout 76 was released in 2018. They have yet to be announced. Future titles in this series are likely to be selective for the Xbox and PC stages due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. Although the Fallout TV series was first announced in July 2020, we just learned that production is expected this year, so initial forecasts for release are more focused on 2023 or 2024 than 2022.

It was previously known that HBO Westworld’s Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will come forward to executive produce, with Deadline and Variety reporting that Nolan will also be directing the show’s pilot episode. We also know that Bethesda Game Studios, the developers behind Fallout, will be on the show, and the show’s director, Todd Howard, will executive produce.

Fallout Tv Series

Credit @ Bethesda

It is not yet known when we can expect the Fallout series to hit our screens, but we hope to hear more as production progresses. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for when the Fallout show will take place, but fans may have time to wait. If production does start in 2022, Fallout fans can hope to see it on Amazon Prime Video in 2023 or 2024 at the latest, assuming no significant delays. We have no time to expect an argument. The series will appear on our screen, but hopefully, we can hear more as production progresses.

We received a short teaser for the show in mid-2020, but the ongoing pandemic seems to have put production plans on hold for a while. As we said earlier, the show is still in its early stages of development, so research has yet to reveal which parts of the Fallout story they’ll be using. Given that games only reached massive popularity after Fallout 3, it’s safe to assume that this is the material of the past few days that they will most strive to adapt.

Both Joy and Nolan had made it clear at the time the Fallout series was announced that one of the big reasons they wanted to do this TV series was because they had played a lot of the series’ games. When the Prime Video project was first announced, Joy and Nolan said Fallout was one of the greatest video game franchises of all time.

Amazon and Bethesda announced a partnership in 2020, announcing that the post-apocalyptic video game series will be adapted for the small screen by Westworld creators Lisa Joy and John Nolan. The Fallout TV series has been reportedly discussed and debated for quite some time. Over the years Fallout has become one of the most loved IPs in gaming, and fans have been wanting a live-action TV adaptation for years. It is unknown when filming will begin, but creating a creative team is a great first step towards finally seeing this franchise make the leap into live-action.



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