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Service dog knows when the owner is going to faint and helps her

Dogs are not called a man’s/woman’s best friend just for the sake of it. They love their owners to a great extent and are truly selfless. In this Tiktok video, we can see how the service dog knows and helps the owner who is about to faint.

Service dog knows when the owner is going to faint

The owner was looking in the mirror when the dog jumped on her and started hugging her. Somehow it knew that the owner was about to faint. The woman in the video is Katherine, and she suffers from fainting syndrome, which can be really dangerous. If someone doesn’t take precautions, it could lead to fatal injury in a fall.

However, Katherine is lucky because her Australian Sheperd Bailey knows exactly when she might faint and does his best to help her.

Service dog knows when the owner is going to faint

Bailey is a service dog and has been trained to notify Katherine when she is about to faint. The dog also fetches medicine and water while comforting her.

For this reason, we can also see that a towel is tied to the fridge, which the dog can grab and open the door to get water for her.Service dog knows when the owner is going to faint

This video shows how lucky Katherine is to have a dog like Bailey with her. It has probably saved her life countless times.

Watch the video here:


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One of the viewers commented on the video, saying, “That Shepard is freaking amazing. I knew they were smart, but this was above and beyond. What a good good boy!”

While another wrote, “That warms my heart so much. A dog like hers knows and will help her when she going through her episodes.”

What are your thoughts on the service dog who knows when the owner is going to faint? And did this video warm up your heart? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.

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