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Simsim secured $16M in three funding rounds

Vernacular Social Commerce startup, Simsim, has now secured $16 million in the funding round within the six months of its launch. These rounds have happened in quick succession over the last seven months, led by the Shunwei Capital, Accel Partners, and Good Capital.

The company which is founded in 2019 by Amit, Kunal, and Saurabh in the past seven months, the startup platform has also garnered over one million users, who are working with more than 1200 micro-community influencers. The SimSim app, as of now, is available to use in four different languages that are Bengali, English, Hindi, and Tamil.

“We have just begun our journey. Before the end of this year, we want to serve our customers in 20 different languages and target to have 10 million+ customers on the platform,” Amit Bagaria, Co-founder, Simsim, added.



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