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Social Media Venture of Donald Trump Earns $201, but NFT Collection Soars to $1 Million

The financial disclosure of Former US President Donald Trump for 2021 reveals that he earned over $18 million in income from his various business ventures. The disclosure provides a glimpse into Trump’s finances since he left the White House and launched several new business ventures. However, it only reports income in broad ranges, making it difficult to determine how well his most significant properties and businesses are faring.

According to the disclosure, Trump made most of his money from his social media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, which launched Truth Social in 2022 as a rival to Twitter. Trump has relied on Truth Social as a primary method of sharing messages with his supporters, especially as he has launched his 2024 presidential campaign. While the platform has been slow to take off, it gained over a million more visitors in March following his indictment.

The NFT collection portrayed a photoshopped Trump in cartoon-like images, including an astronaut, a cowboy, and a superhero. Despite being mocked at the time for hyping the NFT collection as a “major announcement,” all 45,000 “Trump trading cards” on sale for $99 were sold. In addition, Trump reportedly made between $100,000 and $1 million for a series of NFTs released in December 2021.

The former president’s income from Trump National Golf Club in Washington DC was also disclosed, with over $5 million reported. However, the disclosure notes that in 2020, he had reported a more specific figure of $14.2 million. The discrepancy in reporting highlights the limitations of the current disclosure, which only provides income ranges instead of exact figures.

Social Media Venture of Donald Trump Earns $201, but NFT Collection Soars to $1 Million
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Screen Actors Guild Pays Out Hundreds of Thousands to Donald Trump in Pension Payments

The report filed with the Federal Election Commission is the first glimpse into Trump’s finances since he left the White House and launched several new business ventures. While in office, Trump was required to file disclosures that included specific income figures rather than broad ranges. However, since his departure, the exposure has provided only limited information.

The disclosure also shows that Donald Trump has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in pension payments from the Screen Actors Guild, a union for actors and performers. Donald Trump, who had appeared in movies and television shows before becoming president, is entitled to the payments under the union’s rules.

Despite facing a number of legal challenges, including the ongoing criminal investigation into his business dealings in New York, Trump remains a significant force in Republican politics and has hinted at a possible run for president in 2024. His financial disclosure shows he can still earn significant income from his business ventures, including his social media platform and NFTs.

Trump’s legal troubles include the indictment of his company, the Trump Organization, on multiple charges, including tax fraud and falsifying business records. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and has called the investigation a “witch hunt.”

Trump’s Financial Disclosure Reveals Ongoing Influence in Politics and Business Amid Legal Challenges

Overall, Trump’s financial disclosure suggests that he remains a significant player in American politics and business, despite his ongoing legal challenges. While the disclosure provides only limited information, it highlights the continued profitability of Trump’s business ventures and their potential impact on his future political aspirations. As the investigations into his business dealings continue, it remains to be seen how these challenges will affect Trump’s finances and his ability to remain a prominent figure in American politics.

According to the latest report, CIC Digital LLC, the company that owned Trump’s digital trading card NFTs, is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million. The impressive valuation reflects the growing demand and value of NFTs in the digital market. Trump’s NFT collection, which garnered widespread attention and fetched up to $1 million, has further solidified the potential of NFTs as a lucrative investment avenue. The success of CIC Digital LLC and Trump’s NFT venture highlights the evolving landscape of digital assets and their increasing significance in the modern economy.